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[ What do we do? ]

If it has a screen we develop for it.

mobile devices

Mobile devices

Degree 53's heritage is in designing and developing for mobile devices. Wherever possible, we will apply a 'Mobile First' approach; optimising applications for the small screens, touch capability and connectivity of mobile and tablet devices.



Each day, new devices and platforms come to market. Our experience in Responsive Design and use of A/B Testing ensures that clients can be confident that their products have been crafted to function as required across a wide range of devices.



Our Designers are masters of User Experience. Whether we are developing for Web, Mobile or Tablet we employ user-centric design principles. This ensures that the end-users' interactions with our products are cohesive, predictable and, most importantly, a positive experience.

software integration

Software Integration

Sometimes, the most important part of a product is not visible; Degree 53 can integrate third party and legacy software using platforms developed in-house. These are, as ever, highly optimised to interact seamlessly.

[ Recent work ]

Betfred Lotto

Degree 53 were approached by Betfred, the world's largest independent Bookmakers, to revitalise and expand their existing Lotto product range. Degree 53 created a full range of tailored mobile web, iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 applications. These targeted new customers, included new functionality and embodied Betfred's 'Fun & Friendly' brand positioning.

The product family has been massively successful for Betfred; the Windows version was the first gambling application in the Windows store and the iOS version has reached the top 50 in the Apple Entertainment charts.

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