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I’ve worked on some challenging projects but none have come close to the challenge faced last Sunday.

Nine of the Degree 53 team headed to Broughton Hall, Skipton surrounded by miles of idyllic Yorkshire countryside for our 2014 Tough Mudder adventure/ordeal. The course map arrived in our inboxes on the Friday before and set the nerves jangling. Obstacles named ‘Artic Enema’, ‘Boa Constrictor’, and ‘Walk the Plank’ got the Degree 53 team wondering what on earth we’d signed up for.


Before Tough Mudder

Having registered for Tough Mudder in February 2014 the Degree 53 team expected to have trained much harder than we actually had when stood at the Tough Mudder start line. As it turned out a wall had to be climbed just to reach the start line leaving a few of the Degree 53 Mudders wondering what we’d let ourselves in for – At least we looked the part in our Degree 53 running vests.

What followed was a true test of mental and physical strength as well as team work and camaraderie. The course consisted of 11 miles of hilly terrain, covering 1,735 feet of vertical gain, 500,000 litres of mud and 25 gruelling obstacles. The obstacles that tested our mettle the most were ‘Artic Enema’, which involved swimming underwater in ice filled water. ‘Hangin tough’ a play on the Gladiators classic but with muddy water replacing the crash mat. ‘Mud Mile’ with more mud than we’d ever seen before leaving all participants covered from head to toe. And not forgetting the two electrocution obstacles ‘Electric Eels’ and ‘Electroshock Therapy’. Quite a difference from sitting at a desk in an office all day I’m sure you’ll agree! These were just five of the twenty five obstacles.

After approximately four hours we completed the course, running through the ‘Electroshock Therapy’ obstacle in front of a large crowd who revelled in watching our startled faces as electric shocks hit us. It’s fair to say the pint handed to us as we crossed the line was very well received and we are all now proud holders of the orange headband, which many of us are looking to wear again at next year’s event and in doing so will become part of the Mudder Legion.


After Tough Mudder

We originally signed up for this event as a bit of fun and a reason to get fit. It turned out to be a fantastic experience that we couldn't have completed without a strong team ethic ensuring we completed every mile and obstacle as a team as illustrated below!

Hitting the wall

Tough Mudder raises money for Help for Heroes and if you would like to reward our insanity with a donation to our charity page that would be much appreciated.

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