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Here at Degree 53 we are passionate about a lot of things, Design, Software, Testing to name a few but perhaps most importantly our Clients. Last week the Project Team went on a Client Management training course to guide us in getting the best out of our client relationships.

Communication is often overlooked and was the underlying theme of the day and gave us some food for thought about how to refine our management along with reinforcing the importance of having well-formed outcomes.

Since joining Degree 53 in April I was amazed by not only the enthusiasm of the expert teams but the way in which we built and maintained long term relationships with our diverse client base. From initiation through to implementation the constant building of rapport was evident in the client feedback and the continued backlog of projects which were sent our way. This led me to assume that no training course could enhance our proven success in client management…

Was I correct?

Well actually, Yes and No.

Yes because “People work Perfectly”, if you are not familiar with this phrase let me indulge you in a little NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming). People work Perfectly according to their “map of the world” as we go through life we create rules which we live by, conflict arises when my map or rules contradict with yours.

The course material was based around the basic principles of NLP (much to my delight!) and as we travelled through the modules it became clear to see that everyone, regardless of status, can make improvements, whether that be communication, negotiation or listening skills, the list really is endless.

For example do you know the difference between hearing and listening? If not research it, it’s a very interesting read.

The point I am trying to get across here is no matter how great you may be at something there is always scope to improve yourself and that consistent communication along with setting well-formed outcomes is always a great place to start.

The Project Team all took away different learnings from the course and we are looking forward to realising the benefits with our clients.

Clear, Credible and Consistent Communication is the key message for me, here’s to a continued and improved future relationships with our clients.

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