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It’s no secret here at Degree 53 that I’m a huge Android fan, the mobile team often has playful banter around Android versus iOS, so the following is what you get when you ask an Android developer their opinion on the latest Apple news:

Quote from the keynote: "With the Mac, we introduced the mouse." - it's this kind of language that makes me get angry with Apple, carefully chosen words to imply that the mouse was invented by Apple, and not purloined from Xerox.

At previous keynotes we've heard that a 7" tablet is too small, then Apple released the iPad Mini in 2012. Apple also said all the newer Android devices were too big, and yet again here they are following everyone elses lead and announcing larger devices. For the last couple of years they couldn't figure a way to take control of mobile payments so they poisoned other attempts with carefully chosen statements. Now they've created a competing standard so all of a sudden NFC is apparently viable again (I'm looking forward to the about-turn from all the iBeacon champions...), Apple don't do things the best way, they don't have the best design or implementation, they're just good at convincing people they do and launching products when they're ready to capitalise on the market.

Apple do make good hardware though, and their desktop operating system OSX is awesome, but they're really poor at services. This was illustrated recently when several celebrity accounts were compromised and nude pictures were stolen. iCloud accounts were susceptible to an extremely simple brute-force password attack, which is unforgivable in 2014, there's a good quote floating around about this:

"If you can't trust Apple with your nude photos, how can you trust them with your bank details?"

Apple also announced the Apple Watch, it's not available until next year, everyone in the office describes it with one word: ugly (well, everyone apart from a few misguided souls). I don't know what I was expecting, I thought they'd deliver something that competes with Android Wear, but the Apple Watch looks absolutely dreadful. The Moto360 has the design that Apple fans were expecting, they're now consistently making poor design decisions (the iOS 8 icons and colour scheme are also hilariously bad).

Apple Watch and Android comparison

Guess which one is the Apple product...

Then there's the cost of Apple products, iPhones are expensive and people with money enjoy spending it; Apple have now sold iPhones to everyone who can afford them, they need to start selling a cheaper phone, this was supposed to be the iPhone 5C but it's still too expensive for most people. Will the Apple watch be competitively priced? It's rumoured to be around £300, a hundred pounds more then the Moto360, and it won't go on sale until 2015. Android Wear is available now, it's cheaper, the platform is already robust and well developed.

Apple are playing catch-up.

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