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I think it goes without saying that Apple’s announcement on Tuesday 9th September 2014 was by far the most exciting and inspiring one to date.

I remember feeling a bit sad as I thought that the live event was coming to an end after Tim Cook had announced the new iPhone 6 + 6 Plus. But, yet again, leaving us all in suspense for those couple seconds, we were all blown away by the highly anticipated release of the Apple Watch.

It was like a movie...

I must also say, that the “Release” video was like watching a long awaited film that was finally premiered to the whole world. It was one of those monumental moments that I’m sure will go down in the Apple history book as one of the greats. I’m sure Apple know this already, but they are so good at selling their products through their videos. My face was glued to my Macbook screen and I was so anxious to see more…

The Apple Watch

Here are some thoughts as to why I am so thrilled that Apple have finally released a brand new product for all Apple lovers to enjoy using:

Firstly, I am a very fussy person. I don’t know if it’s because I’m a Designer or because it’s in my DNA. But I have been searching for the perfect watch for a long time now and I feel like the search is finally over.

Wear it for every type of occasion

Not only will I be able to wear this watch everyday, I will be able to wear it for every type of occasion as well. The Apple Watch is completely customisable to your personal style and taste and you can swap out the straps and change the face display whenever you like. It is truly unique to you.

I have picked some different styles below that I can see myself wearing:

Apple Watches

My favourite styles

The white and nude styles are cool for wearing through the day. The black and stainless steel watches are more for evening wear or for a more professional look. These are only a handful of options but Apple have provided so many different ones, which is why I find the watch so appealing as I love to embrace change. I can’t wait to be able to do all of these innovative things once the watches are released in 2015.

Intimate ways to connect

One of my favourite features of the Apple Watch has to be the different ways of connecting with people in a more intimate way. I can see myself tapping the face of my watch to get the attention of someone in my team or what I might even do is draw a cup of tea and send it to one of my teammates to get the brews on ;) I know I will have a lot of fun playing around with these features. Also the ease and fluidity of when your sketch is sent is truly mesmerising to watch. It almost reminds me of very fine sand that has been blown away into the distance. I would love to know all the different concepts that they came up with to get to that final one. All of these special little gems are so original, only Apple could have thought of them. (Sorry Android lovers!)

Apple Watches 2

A new venture for Degree 53

The other really special thing about this new product is that Degree 53 will be able to experience learning, understanding and creating great apps for the Apple Watch for the very first time. I am also very eager to see what other companies do with this new venture and I feel really honoured to be a part of it. It feels like we are all starting a new challenge all over again and it couldn't be happening at more exciting time.

Track your fitness

The final pieces of the puzzle that really stand out to me are the fitness & health apps that Apple have built in to the watch and iPhones. It is extremely important that we do keep ourselves fit and healthy so that we can stay on this earth for as long as we can and to live a long, happy life… and to see the next Apple announcement of course, A lot of people, including myself, are very lazy when it comes to fitness. But I feel that this is another step for mankind to help solve this problem. I am actually very excited to test my watch out at the gym and to make sure that I’m constantly checking my fitness and finding ways to keep myself active. I will no longer have to buy any third party products to track my heart rate or calorie count as it will all be done on the watch and also my phone.

The watch made for everyone

I have seen many different types of digital watches, and to be honest, none of them have really jumped out at me. This is probably because they were produced for the male audience and I couldn’t see myself wearing a big clunky watch that didn’t suit my style. What Apple have achieved is that they have built a watch for everyone and anyone, which I think is great. They really have gone to town with this product and I can’t wait to add it to my growing collection of Apple products!

A Trip down memory lane…

Lastly I thought I would mention the random live performance of U2. It was ok I guess, apart from the cheesy touching fingers moment at the end. It reminded me of when U2 where part of the iPod Classic 5th Generation release. It was the very first iPod with video playback, which I got as a Christmas present back in 2005. It was the first Apple product that I owned and back then I thought it was the most amazing thing ever. How times have changed. I wonder what products we will end up owning in the next ten years…

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