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It was a great pleasure to feature in and support Sky News’ #StandupBeCounted (#SUBC) campaign.

Screenshot of Andrew Daniels Sky News feature video

The #SUBC campaign has been set up to give younger voters a platform in the run up to the general elections.

The studio bus tour is designed to encourage young people in their local areas to visit the studio to find out more about the campaign, register as a stand up and record videos on issues that matter to them.

The #SUBH tour is expected to visit 11 key constituencies across the UK where many youngsters are getting their first breaks in tech. The 23 day tour kicked off in Manchester, the 2nd biggest Technology hub outside of London.

Sky News stopped by the Sharp Project, Manchester to catch up with Andrew Daniels, our MD and the Sharp Futures team to discuss the future of Technology.

Although the Digital industry is expected to become a larger part of the economy over the next decade, so far, in the run up to the general elections there hasn’t been a great deal of emphasis on this. The rapid growth is expected to open up thousands of opportunities for young people and it is important that they are made aware of this.

Andrew Daniels, built his first website when he was 14. Back then the Internet was niche and he had to do it on his own. He argues that today, this should not be the case for young people anymore.

"This is an exciting industry... and there's a lot of room for advancement so I think more needs to be done about advertising it."

We definitely agree with Asa Calow, a director of the Manchester Digital Laboratory statement - “One of the key things is making sure it becomes more easily accessible, so that it becomes an opportunity for everybody, and not just for people with computer science degrees."

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