Blog 53

In the spirit of mixing things up, for this year’s annual summer party we decided to try our hands at Manchester’s infamous Escape Rooms to see if we were up to the challenge. This was, of course, followed up by an epic night out on the Locks. (The less said about that the better…)

The evening kicked off at The Escape Room, where we split into 5 teams. Faced with uniquely themed rooms from Prison Break to Slaughter House we all had one mission, and that was to get out in less than one hour.

Picture taken of the decor inside of the Escape Room

After a quick briefing from the Escape team, once the door closed the time started and most of us stood with no clue as to where to start but that was the most exciting part. Upon reflection, we all agreed that each challenge was all about going beyond the everyday thought processes and thinking outside of the box - either that or you’re stuck. Luckily, Degree 53 proved equal to the challenge and out of 5 teams, 3 managed to escape in time - with the other teams - who admittedly had the hardest of all the rooms, Room 13 and The Secret Lab - needing a few clues to spur them on.

We all love a challenge at Degree 53 and that was definitely a great way to move on to the more exciting challenges, like the alcohol consumption challenge, which brought us on to Lola Lo’s situated on Deansgate Locks.

bottles of alcohol

Ever walked into a club that smells of coconuts? On arrival it was obvious that we had a good night ahead. We made ourselves cosy in our very own private VIP area shortly after we were greeted by great food and vasts amounts of beers, bottles and cocktails. As you can imagine, memories of the night get a little spotty after that, but from all the Monday morning feedback a fantastic night was had by all. Let the memories live on until next next year :)

Team enjoying themselves at the staff summer party

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