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Following on from the successful launch of Vibe Tickets iOS app in early October, we are very pleased to share that we have now completed the Android version which is now available for download on Google Play.

Since the iOS launch the app already has thousands of users buying and selling live event tickets at face value.

The Android development was an enjoyable challenge for the team. Our focus was on creating a common experience for users of Vibe whether they are Android or iPhone users, while taking into account the different ways in which the two groups navigate around apps on their phones. It has taken some creative thinking from our designers and mobile app developers to bring Vibe Tickets to the Play Store.

Vibe ticket app on android devices

Here's some insight into how we achieved the 'Android look and feel':

  • From a design perspective we focused on creating a sleek Android feel that complimented and sympathised with the iOS offering as well as the Vibe branding.
  • There are quite a few discrepancies between the iOS offering and the new Android designs, the main being the side bar navigation replacing the tab bar. We created this specifically for our Android users, because this particular navigation is standard for Android and we have designed it in a way that retains the same simple, clean aesthetic that the iOS version has with plenty of space for each navigation item for clarity and design.
  • We have also put a quick link to the users profile at the top of the menu, which is standard for Android.
  • To give the App a more Android feel we have gone over all of the elements and changed things like search bars, forms, text entry elements and given them an Android aesthetic that gives the users a more tailored experience.
  • The chat screens are where the Android look and feel works really well. We have a taken away the profile images to leave only the new Android chat bubbles, giving the screen a much more informal ‘Chat’ feel, similar to Whatsapp.
  • The Exclusives section within Discover has also become more Android - the articles are now cards which are much more native.
  • You will also notice the 3 dots in the top right hand corner of the of the action bar - within the chats these will be contextual to which side of the chat you are on i.e. Seller - “Sell this ticket to…”, but this also appears on other pages of the app which will give the user the ability to contact Vibe, go to Settings and also to share the app on Social Media.

The launch of Vibe Tickets has come at a fantastic time - especially when attention on the secondary market and touts has intensified.

Vibe have future plans to launch premium features and monetise their products and we can't wait to support them on their journey to success.

Download the iOS or Android app today!

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