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We’re always on the lookout for talented professionals who can bring new, creative ideas to our business and add real value to our clients. We also like to think that Degree 53 is an attractive place for such talent and are proud to have a strong and brilliant team. So, without further ado, we’d like to introduce the latest additions to our company – two designers and friends, Jon Massey and Adam Stanway.

Jon and Adam
Jon joined us last September as a Senior User Experience Designer, having previously worked for the BBC, whereas Adam started as a Designer in February, coming directly from Vivid Manchester. Both stem from a branding and advertising background, and have extensive experience in digital design. They have already been actively involved in various projects for our clients and demonstrated their wide-ranging skillsets. We can’t wait to see what else they have up their sleeves! 

In their free time, the guys run an art project, Manchester Moleskine®. It aims at bringing together the local creative community and inspiring people with different professions to contribute to this initiative. Adam and Jon hand deliver their Moleskine® for a week to 52 willing individuals – equivalent to the number of available pages – to fill in a double page spread with anything they desire. It can be a doodle, a drawing or even a shopping list that inspires the author. Once the notepad is full, the guys plan to auction it off and donate the proceeds to Forever Manchester – a local charity supporting community projects in Greater Manchester.

Manchester Moleskine®
The project started back in February 2015 from an idea to share a Moleskine® between each other, as creatives often have one for drafts. It then grew larger thanks to Jon and Adam’s contacts and interest on social media, becoming an artistic medium for Manchester talent. The project now features works from numerous designers, artists, musicians, coders and even a theatre director. The guys are adamant that it includes an equal amount of male and female contributors to maintain diversity in their project.

Studio DBD artwork

Jon comments: “Manchester Moleskine® has become more than just a notebook – it has expanded our network and allowed us to meet more likeminded and inspiring people. We have already exhibited some of the drawings at local exhibitions and given talks around Manchester to invite others to participate too.”

Adam adds: “This project bridges barriers between different forms of art, enabling our contributors to transcend their creative styles to something different, handcrafted and tangible. It’s been an excellent experience and it’s shown that one simple idea can turn into a big project that brings so many people together.”

Nick Chaffe artwork

We’re very happy to have Jon and Adam on board! We hope their efforts in the local community will grow into larger ventures, spreading the word for Degree 53 as the place to work for creative individuals from Manchester and further afield. 

If you’d like to get involved in the Manchester Moleskine® project, get in touch with Jon @Jon_M_Massey and Adam @Adam_Stanway

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