Blog 53

remote working

Working for an international, yet pretty local agency, can be an interesting experience. The Degree 53 team is based in Manchester in just one office, which is great in terms of maintaining quality and control over projects. However, this is very different from our customer base who we service all over the world. Our clients are based predominantly around Europe and the US, but we have worked with businesses from Australia too. This means that we either need to travel to see them or rely on modern technology to bring us closer to them without leaving the office.

In the past few weeks, we’ve had to do some extensive travelling. Andy, our MD, went to Las Vegas to meet a client and scope out the latest developments in gambling at G2E. This was a very productive week and a great opportunity to build client relationships, old and new.

Last week, Andy and I went to another gambling conference in Berlin, EiG (Excellence in Gaming), which brought together leaders in the gambling industry, with lots of businesses showcasing their technology and services. It was a great turnout, and in addition to catching up with some of our connections, we made plenty of new contacts.

Unfortunately, we can’t always travel to every client, but being digital, we have developed our methods of keeping track of our activities and liaising with clients to keep them up-to-date. This means that no day is the same and these things make our work more interesting. Whether it’s brainstorming an idea over a group conference or putting together final touches to a proposal.

Conversations via Skype, Slack or Google Hangouts are regular events in our office and we are always happy to accommodate our clients, including dealing with time differences. Our team has an element of flexi-time in its working hours to allow us to best adapt to the client’s schedule. Of course, we enjoy hosting our clients here or hopping on a plane to see them. Having a centralised office makes it easier to reach out to our colleagues and pick their brains about certain topics. It also brings us closer as a team and we can learn from each other.

As we grow, who knows where we might be based in the future - I have already volunteered to open our Maldives office. But for now, our office in Manchester suits us just fine. Travelling to different locations and attending conferences definitely offers opportunities to learn, discover what other companies out there are offering and apply those methods or ideas to our own projects. Regardless of this, being located only in one office (53 degrees from the Equator) makes us an all-round global company nonetheless.

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