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If you have a concept idea for your next digital project (be it a new product, mobile app, website or something completely different), but you’re not exactly sure where to start or what you will need (or perhaps the project is so large, you need help to understand and define it to begin with), you might want to carry out project Discovery. This will give you the information and plan to begin development and kick off the project. Let’s take a look how it can help.

Who is Discovery for?

Discovery can be very useful for both businesses and individuals that have already established a goal for their project and are now looking to proceed to the design and development stage. Some clients have also come to us because they don’t have enough in-house knowledge or the resource to figure out all the details.

If your project is only at the brainstorming stage, we suggest you take us up on our Product Design Sprint to develop a prototype of your solution to find out if it works.

How does Discovery work?

Based on your requirements, we will pull together a specialist team that will review your project and its objectives to come up with the required elements to build it. The team will often consist of a range of Developers, Designers and Business Analysts. They will then create an action plan of all the areas that will be investigated and the deliverables you will receive afterwards, so you’ll be fully aware of what you’ll need before starting the project. Discovery timescales can vary depending on the project, but typically take between two weeks and several months.

What will you get out of it?

The goal of project Discovery is to provide you with all the information you need in order for you to initiate development on your project. These can include UX and design elements, market research, user journey mapping, project requirements, technical specification, product strategies, details of third-party integrations, data feeds and more. It all depends on your requirements, but you will receive a full list of all the things needed to bring your project to life.

Finally, we will provide you with a proposal for the project, based on the learnings from the Discovery process. A major advantage of carrying out a Discovery phase is the ability to identify and prevent possible risks that could arise during the project, based on an initial brief and traditional fixed-price proposal. By identifying all of the details in advance, we will both know exactly what challenges need to be overcome and the issues that will typically result in a project running over budget and deadline. As we can identify these types of obstacles during Discovery, we are able to come up with solutions beforehand and factor in any time for them, minimising any delays and keeping the costs down. This means there won’t be any unexpected charges for additional work.

What happens after Discovery?

Once you receive our Discovery deliverables, you can take them away and do everything yourself, or leave it to us. It’s totally up to you, there’s no obligation. We work with clients that have enough capacity to deliver in-house after all the plans have been put together and we also work with those that want us to continue working on the project as we’re already familiar with the details.

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