Blog 53

We've recently developed a new visual identity for Medichecks, an online blood testing and health screening provider. The creative work includes new branding, tone of voice and website design. 

We created a brand for Medichecks that speaks to a broader audience and communicates their values. It was important to convey trust and a sense of togetherness that the provider wanted to achieve. This was done by developing detailed customer profiles, reviewing their needs and health requirements, as well as putting together a selection of visuals that would resonate with the messages that Medichecks wanted to share with their target market.

Jade Sahota, head of design at Degree 53 comments: “Our role was to take the original Medichecks brand to a new level by consolidating their different products and services. The new branding, logo, use of imagery and font deliver their company personality and facilitate building trust with their customers. It was a very interesting project and I’m glad that we’ve helped Medichecks create a new identity with our creative approach.”

Helen Marsden, CCO at Medichecks says: “We, at Medichecks, are very happy with our new visual identity and how Degree 53 helped us position our company. It was important for us to have a serious attitude, while being friendly and understanding of our customers’ needs. Medichecks strive to provide affordable and accessible health tests for all, and having clear and defined branding will help us reach a wider audience.”

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