Blog 53

It’s now become a tradition in our company to hop on a plane and go on a short annual team holiday to reward everyone for their hard work. This year, we went to Fuerteventura in the Canary Islands for a couple of days.

On Friday afternoon, 46 of us flew out with high hopes and high spirits to Fuerteventura to catch a bit of sun, do some team building and have fun. We wanted to find an activity that would appeal to everyone and would be something different to our last trip (we went on a boat cruise in Ibiza and Marbella). We chose a quad bike and dune buggy tour across the volcanic terrain of the island. Many of us had never driven these, so we were super excited.

The tour took us round the northern coast with a few stops to admire the ocean and have some lunch. It was great to see our managing director, Andy, stall two quad bikes, causing everyone to violently beep at him. By the end of the trip, we all looked like we’d stepped out of a Mad Max scene - there was just so much dust! This was one of the main highlights of the trip and and we all enjoyed this experience.

Our next activity was a beach party near our hotel, which was a great way to relax after the bike tour, have some BBQ and sangria whilst mingling with everyone. This was followed by a trip to a local bar, Flicks, for some karaoke and party times.

Our MD, is always the first to go on stage with his classic ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ rendition. But we’ve discovered there are some very talented singers (our project manager Kate and senior developer Tony stood out the most) and excellent entertainers (our business analyst Rob performing ‘Like A Virgin’) on our team. We carried on partying into the night and had a fantastic time. There are definitely some moments we won’t ever forget (although some people wish we would)!

On the last day, we were free to do whatever we wanted. So some of us went to the beach, explored the town, played mini golf and enjoyed the sun and cocktails at the hotel. We must admit that the journey back was a lot quieter and our heads were feeling much heavier.

This was definitely one of the best trips we’ve had so far and we have some excellent memories from it. It was also a nice introduction to our new starters to get them integrated into the team better and get to know each other. Our new project manager, Mel, had only started last Monday, but already feels like she’s worked here much longer. Similarly, our latest addition to the team, junior developer, Craig, who is only just finishing university and hasn’t started, joined us on the trip to get to know everyone!

We are still recruiting, so if you’d like to join our team, head over to the Careers page!
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