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We've followed up with Warren, our IT Support Analyst, to find out about his IT apprenticeship with us, what he's learned during his time and what he's up to now. He wrote about why he chose to take up an apprenticeship earlier, talking about the application process and the role.


How have you found your apprenticeship with Degree 53?

My apprenticeship with Degree 53 has been a great experience. Degree 53 are a very caring company that are always willing to give a chance to succeed to somebody who shows the drive and willingness to learn. When I joined the company, I wasn’t particularly experienced in the field of IT, but after careful nurturing, I have become a fully fledged IT professional. I have now been with the company for three and a half years and throughout this time, they have time and time again placed trust in me and allowed me to tackle tasks beyond my skill level with guidance from more senior team members. This has been key to my growth as an employee.

How did you manage to balance working and studying?

Degree 53 provided me with enough time to dedicate myself to my studies alongside the daily tasks I was doing at work. If for whatever reason I was pushed for time, I was allowed to complete some apprenticeship tasks during work time. Due to the nature of apprenticeships, my daily working life was contributing to my studies. I regularly used issues that I resolved at work as case studies for my assessments.

What have you learned during your time with Degree 53?

The role I filled at Degree 53 has massively expanded my skillset, helped me develop and take on bigger and better projects. Along this journey, I learned to work across different departments, providing IT support and making sure any technical problems they had were resolved. In addition, I learned how to use and troubleshoot some pieces of software that I had never used before, such as Visual Studio, VMWare and Active Directory. I also learnt to manage our IT and tech suppliers to ensure our teams had all the necessary equipment and software they needed to deliver projects on time. I particularly enjoyed working with the Software and Infrastructure Development team where I learned to manage and support newly implemented products and services. I also became key to the new starter process, as I assisted them with setting up on their first day and ensured they had everything they needed.


Why did you decide to stay with Degree 53?

I really enjoyed working and learning at Degree 53, so it was an easy decision to make. There are lots of new opportunities, especially as the company is expanding at a rapid rate. There are many more tasks and bigger teams to support, which makes my job more challenging and interesting.

What would you like to do in the future?

In the future, I would like to move more into networking and the production side of IT, as there are several exciting projects going on which i would love to be a part of.

What is it like working at Degree 53?

Degree 53 is a fun place to work, where everyone is very friendly and laid back, while still working together to create great projects. You can learn a lot from working with each department and develop yourself based on your interests. There are many social events and a fun atmosphere around the office. One of the best times is when we all go on the company holiday, socialise with everyone and take part in fun activities.

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