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It’s Christmas once again and we’re really excited about the upcoming holidays and a bit of a break. We’ve been working really hard this year to create great products for our clients, grow our business and make sure our team is enjoying this. We say this every year, but I think this year has been more rewarding. So, as usual, here are our highlights.

Exhibiting at ICE

This feels like ages ago, especially that ICE 2019 is only just over a month away, but we exhibited at ICE for the first time this year. ICE is one of the biggest gambling exhibitions in Europe, covering anything from land-based casinos to online gambling and sports betting operators. It was an important step for Degree 53 to exhibit there in order to get our name out there, meet existing and new contacts, showcase our capabilities and speak to industry players about their challenges. It was a tough three days, full of meetings and networking events, but we loved it and will be exhibiting again in February 2019!

Building our first bespoke sports betting platform

This was the year when we completed the design and development of our first fully bespoke sports betting platform for Goldchip. They’re a premium operator who wanted to take their business online and approached us to create a brand new platform and sportsbook to support their high-end customer base. It was a great pleasure to work with Goldchip and add this project to our portfolio. We created everything from scratch - technology, functionalities, mobile apps, branding and design. It’s great to see the finished product live!

Forming great partnerships

We easily adapt to the needs of our clients and have described our ways of working in one of our recent blogs. This approach has helped us form great relationships to suit our clients’ needs. This year, we’ve travelled to Asia to deliver workshops to a client and ensure our work is progressing in the right direction. We’ve been working in sprints with evestor to help them update their products as and when they needed it, offering support and consultancy along the way. We’ve provided several UX reviews based on our Online Gambling and Sports Betting reports to showcase how we could enhance our clients’ products and help them achieve a great customer experience. As a result of being so flexible and being able to understand our clients’ challenges, we now have clients from Asia, Europe, North America and the Caribbean. It’s a great testament to our hard work and applying our expertise across different industries and countries.

Celebrating 5 years in business

2018 was a big year for Degree 53 as we celebrated our 5 year anniversary. Degree 53 would be nothing without its amazing designers, developers, project managers, business analysts, testers, DevOps, IT, architecture, support engineers, accounts, admin and the commercial team. We’ve come really far from starting up as 20 employees to celebrating our 100th full time team member and occupying three floors in our office in Steam Packet House (we moved here last November!). We’ve thoroughly invested in our team this year, creating brand new roles to support the workload and improve our services, as well as establishing the IT Service Delivery team to provide support not only to us but our clients too. We’re also still recruiting if anyone wants to start 2019 with a new role!

With growing our team, we want to look after everyone and make sure they enjoy working at Degree 53. We’re not Google, but try to offer great perks to make it more fun and engaging. We try to organise various social events and activities that anyone can take part in. This year, we’ve had our annual darts tournament, first race night, quizzes, bake offs, board game nights, lots of social events, bandeoke (it was epic!), an incredible amount of fantastic street food for our payday lunches and of course our long-awaited team holiday to Rhodes.

Lots of our social events have been organised to raise money for St Ann’s Hospice throughout the year. We’re pleased to say that we’ve beaten our target of £3K and are nearing the £5K mark. Hopefully we’ll manage to reach it before the end of the year with our Christmas activities! This has been a fantastic effort from our team!

This has been our best year yet, so in order to top that next year, we’ll need to work much harder and reach out to more businesses. On this note, we wish everyone a very Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year!

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