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Our design team often review mobile apps to stay on top of the latest design and UX trends to learn about what’s currently popular. We pick one app each week and share what we like or dislike about it to compare our thoughts. This helps the team to learn about best practices in app design which we can then incorporate into our work. We’ve decided to post our observations here and explain why we believe certain UX or UI features need more work to meet the users’ needs. This month, we’re focusing on iLottery and sports apps. We generally review these on iPhone so some elements may not always apply to Android.

Health Lottery

The Health Lottery represents various local authorities across the UK and raises money for health related causes for their areas. This means that each area in Great Britain gets a share of the pot while users also have a chance to win.

Their app is a container of their website and is generally pretty consistent with it in terms of design and functionality. Here are our findings:


  • It’s clear when the next draw is and users can find subsequent draws by day.
  • You can enter your lottery numbers straight away
  • Quick Win - a game within the app that gives users a chance to take part in draws every three minutes. We think it’s a good feature - you don’t need to wait for results, as this is instant and fun.
  • The look and feel is right for the target audience - simple and not too distracting


  • No onboarding (guide to using the app and its features), which might be confusing for those who aren’t familiar with the product. Onboarding really helps users find what services or features are available to them and they can skip it if they want to.
  • Promotions take the user away from the app. It’s best practice to keep users within the app so they have a smaller chance of going elsewhere.
  • There are issues with the registration - you can’t use hyphens and there’s no feedback in registration fields to validate data. This can create errors for users with double-barrelled names and users may end up with errors in their details.
  • Some pages look like wireframes. They need to have more design elements to be more appealing.
  • There are too many steps before you can play. Registration or login need to be efficient to get the user playing as quickly as possible.
  • Some CTAs are inactive. This is misleading to users and could lead to abandonment.

Sky Sports Football Score Centre

This app offers live football scores, news and match highlights. Football fans can keep up with the latest events and their favourite teams. The app is also an extension for Sky Bet, which keeps in mind their betting services too.


  • Onboarding is good, everything is on brand and the pub finder feature is great
  • The navigation is good - there are nice transitions between pages
  • We liked the scores section and that users can favourite teams
  • The vidiprinter is a nice throwback to the classic way football fans used to check scores on TV, which we liked
  • Anything team related is featured across the app, so users can easily find relevant content.
  • Featuring specific games is a good idea to help users with following matches
  • We liked the scrollable data changer


  • Pub finder is hidden away and is hard to find, but is actually a great feature once you’re on it. It should be more prominent.
  • Ads are quite annoying and there are too many of them. They are distracting and not helpful for using the app.
  • The app is very white and feels like its hierarchy is missing. This needs to be clearer and have a better use of space.
  • Content and data is hard to understand for novices. It should be simplified.
  • We feel there is no flair beyond the homepage, the UI is lacking excitement, the header is too big and there’s no guidance for the user. There should be more contrast and colour to make it more exciting.
  • The app asks you to sign up after logging in or opening the app again which shouldn’t happen once you register and log in.
  • The league list is quite difficult to scan through and needs to be optimised for that.


Onefootball is a football scores app that you can follow leagues, teams and football news from. It offers articles, stats, videos and key dates during the season.


  • It’s nice that the headers for sections are sticky and don’t disappear when you’re scrolling
  • The match voting system to predict the winner is a fun feature
  • Liking certain news is a good feature
  • It’s easy to find transfer news
  • We liked the personalisation around teams or matches
  • Video autoplay keeps users engaged and scrolling, which is similar to Instagram
  • Validation messaging is clear, e.g. what users might expect from push notifications.
  • There’s an option to stop autoplay, which is useful for those that don’t want it.
  • It’s smart that they’re using content from other sites
  • The team page header starts out large with lots of info and shrinks as you scroll down
  • The player section layout is nice, but needs more engagement
  • The app is simple, with nice UI and design and it’s intuitive
  • The matches section gives you lots of information
  • You can customise your prediction message and share on social media
  • We liked the transfer rumours as part of social validation
  • The league tables are clear, arrows show changes in the league which makes it easy for users to see how teams move
  • Player pages list lots of detailed information, such as weight, age, nationality, height, form, performance stats, games played etc


  • It’s difficult to focus on content on the main page. For example, the Apple News app does it well, but here, it’s hard to pick which article to read.
  • It feels like just a news app, rather than a football scores app, so it needs to show more balance to include the services it offers.
  • The ads are annoying, because they don’t look like ads. These need to be clearly labelled as ads so the user is aware what they might click on.
  • You can get lost in the matches section and it’s not easy to scan
  • The UI is too white and could do with some contrast or better use of space.
  • Favourite teams or multiple teams are difficult to set up compared to following just one team. It’s not reflected in the UI as much, but it would be good for those users that support more than one team.
  • The paid option that gets rid of ads isn’t obvious in case someone wants to use it.
  • The only social sign up is Facebook, which may not suit those that don’t use it. It would be better to offer other networks, such as Twitter or Google in case users prefer these.
  • There isn’t enough CTAs, so the app feels like you just can browse through it.
  • Notifications are slow and need to be quicker, especially during live matches, as users want instant information.

These are our quick observations just from briefly using these apps and it’s a great practice for us to keep taking note of the positive and negative elements to improve our own work. If you need help with designing your product, get in touch with us below.

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