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It’s been a really exciting year, and before we finish up for the holidays and start eating mince pies and chocolates, we’d like to share our yearly roundup of our achievements and highlights.

Big client wins and global partnerships

This year, we’ve had fantastic opportunities to work with some big, global clients on a number of projects. We can’t mention them all yet, but will be making further announcements soon. Our teams have been travelling as far as Canada and all over Europe to deliver workshops, discuss projects and establish our clients’ needs.

We’ve been creating features for back office and frontend systems, retail shops, as well as building various websites and mobile apps. One of our milestones that we’d been working towards for a while was completing the migration, Betfred Lotto and Betfred Live Casino. We’re very proud of this work and look forward to our further launches with Betfred.

Overall, we’ve continued our strong work in the online gambling industry, as well as building our portfolio in finance, health and wellbeing. We’d like to thank our clients and partners for working with us. We’ve very proud of how far we’ve come and can’t wait to continue conquering new areas next year.

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Team upgrades

All this hard work wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for our fantastic team. We’ve made some significant changes internally with promotions and new hires at all levels. This is all in our effort to support our teams and their work loads, providing guidance and structure for all our projects to run smoothly.

One of our more recent and exciting upgrades is gaining a new office floor in our building. It’s very on brand and has allowed us to provide our teams with more space for collaboration. We now take up four floors in our building with over 150 team members!

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It’s worth mentioning our social aspect too, as we want our teams to enjoy working here and have a bit of fun too. We’ve had some great team lunches, organised darts and poker tournaments, ran 10K, went to York Races and done many other fun events throughout the year! Lots of them have been organised to raise money for St Ann’s Hospice and we’ve managed to raise over £1,800 this year!

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We’ve just updated our Careers page, so take a look at our work life and available vacancies there. Keep an eye on future roles in the next year, as we’ll continue recruiting more people.

Onwards and upwards

We can’t wait to see what the next year will bring. We’re not winding down and already have a lot booked up for the beginning of next year. You can see us at ICE in February and we’ll try to venture out to new events too. We’ll continue delivering value to our clients and help more businesses improve their digital products through our expertise.

On that note, we wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a prosperous New Year! Have a great break, we’ll see you on the other side!

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