Blog 53

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Chris Benstead as Digital Director. He will be overseeing the day-to-day digital delivery for clients and working alongside the commercial team and prospective clients to ensure they get the most out of their digital strategy. This appointment follows significant business growth and diversification for Degree 53, which has led to the requirement to provide greater support to client services.

Chris has been working as Digital Strategist at Degree 53 since our foundation in 2013 and has been playing a key role in advising on product development strategy for the company’s clients. He brings over 10 years of digital experience, having previously worked at Betfred and HP. Chris’ background is in the identification of the client’s core business requirements and understanding how and where value can be added to a proposition through the use of digital.

Chris Benstead, Digital Director at Degree 53, comments: “I have been working at Degree 53 since our launch and I’m excited at this opportunity to continue the great work our team has been producing over the years. It’s amazing to see how our company has grown and developed since we first started. We’ve gone from working with online gambling clients to those in finance, travel, utilities and education to name a few. I remember when there was only 20 of us in the office and now, there are more than 130 - the company has been growing thanks to our transferable digital skills and a variety of services we are able to provide - from design and development to consultancy and ongoing support. I am lucky enough to see the work the team produces every day for our clients and am excited to help us progress and to lead the team to new opportunities.”

I’m excited that Chris is stepping into this role and will no doubt do a fantastic job, leading the company to deliver great projects. Degree 53 has been going through major growth, which led us to taking two directions as a business - providing core services to our clients and building our own products. Chris’ role is to ensure we have a director focused 100% on the client side of the business, providing support to the wider team. These two areas have attracted talented individuals for a variety of roles. We pride ourselves in our technical expertise and skill set, and it’s reflected in the type of work we get. I’d like to congratulate Chris on behalf of the whole company and look forward to reaching new milestones with Degree 53.

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