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We are delighted to announce a new partnership with,, an award-winning pioneer in interactive TV and social engagement. Together, we will leverage the technology of platform STORY to boost viewer engagement during live broadcasts by extending the polling capabilities to enable broadcasters to create polls for their own websites and apps.

The project will make use of STORY’s ability to gather data and generate it on screen with customised graphics. Broadcasters will be able to create a variety of polls and insert widgets into their own platforms. They’ll also be able to aggregate the generated data with STORY’s existing social poll capabilities, giving audiences an array of options when interacting with programmes, such as talent shows or debates, that use public opinion or voting.

Our team will develop a web portal within STORY where broadcasters and producers will be able to create polls, customise graphics and layouts, as well as editing and moderating the content displayed on screen. Currently, show producers use social media platforms for polls which feed into STORY. The new solution will allow them to embed polls into their own websites and apps without relying on third-party platforms. This will offer great branding and advertising opportunities for broadcasters and their partners, as well as maintaining public interaction on their products.

Scott Davies, CEO of comments: “We’re excited about creating this brand new service on our platform that will no doubt bring more audience interaction to our clients during live shows. Instead of directing audiences to other social media platforms and potentially losing them to other distractions, they will be able to focus viewer attention on their own sites. Our clients can use this opportunity to display sponsorships or advertising and capture this engagement in real-time. I’m happy to be partnering with Degree 53 to develop this feature. The team have a fantastic knowledge of building highly scalable technical solutions and integrating them with different systems. Their expertise will help us build this functionality to be able to host hundreds of thousands of participants as this can be crucial for programmes that rely on public voting.”  

This is a very interesting project and I’m delighted about partnering with Their platform offers fantastic opportunities for broadcasters and I can’t wait to see how this solution will help them maximise viewer interaction further. We have brilliant technical capabilities in-house and we’re leveraging the latest technologies that allow us to handle the high volumes of traffic that’s customers will expect. We will be carrying out performance testing ahead of the launch to ensure the solution withstands numerous interactions during peak times. I look forward to working with and other opportunities this project might lead to in the future.

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