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We have a brilliant Test & QA team who make sure no bug goes unnoticed before our products go live. They check that everything we build meets client requirements and help our teams fix any issues. So we wanted to introduce the team properly.

Degree 53 Test & QA team

Introduce yourselves - what are your roles and how long have you been with Degree 53?

Bryan - I’m a test analyst, mainly working on the Betfred team. I’ve been with Degree 53 for three years.

Connor - I’m a test analyst, working across a variety of our projects. I have been with the company for just over two years.

Tom - I’m a test analyst and I joined Degree 53 back when the team was part of the Betfred mobile division seven years ago.

And this is me, Daniel, a new team member. I have been with the Degree 53 since July :) My previous experience includes Test Analyst for and

I’m Sowmya. It's been 2 months since I joined Degree 53 as a Lead Test Analyst.

How did you get into testing and QA?

Bryan - I got into testing through a games testing job I took in 2014. My degree was in computer games technology, and I was working as a care worker at the time. Over a pint with a mate, he mentioned his video games company needed a tester, so I joined as a junior QA.

Connor - I got into testing through a software development apprenticeship I found in the local paper. After a few roles I didn’t enjoy, I decided to do something new and applied for a place on the apprenticeship. After a year of development training, I started working for the company’s QA team. From there, I’ve been testing ever since.

Tom - After completing my degree in computer games software development, I found this job at Degree 53, and have been here ever since.

Daniel - A few years ago, I was looking for a programming course but did follow a friend's suggestion to start a university 3 year program in Computer Science. After that, I finished a course in Software Testing. Since then I've been working as a QA tester.

Sowmya - My career started as a Graduate Test Analyst and found my new love in my job as a Tester, and never looked back from there on.

What qualifications or skills do testers need?

Bryan - A keen eye and patience. A good knowledge of software development is also quite important. Automation is becoming more prevalent in our field, so even programming knowledge can be a big boost to your career prospects.

Connor - A good eye for detail is essential. I would also say that a tester needs a small understanding of how development works in order to understand projects a bit easier.

Tom - Patience and an eye for detail. Also, being good at thinking about what a user would be thinking. You also need some programming skills for writing automation tests.

Daniel - I think my colleagues cover the most, I will add that as testers, we learn every day. Each bug is a new course or new learning path. We need to learn from our colleagues and share knowledge to become better in what we do.

Sowmya - A zeal to learn and embrace new technologies along with good communication and analytical skills. An attitude towards quality and thinking of preventing defects rather than finding defects. Many a time, testing could become a demanding job, particularly during the release of a programme code. A software tester should effectively manage the burden, have high productivity, display optimal time management and organisation skills.

How do you fit in with the rest of the team at Degree 53?

Connor - We usually join a project as early as possible in order to get an understanding of the requirements. After that, we start creating test cases which will be run against the project to cover all of these requirements. These test cases detail the project features and how to test each of them, as well as containing the result of the test. The QA team works closely with the development team so that we can resolve issues quicker.

We have continuous collaboration with the delivery team from the start of the project by analysing requirements and communicating the gaps in the requirements to the Business Analyst.

What’s your favourite thing about testing?

Bryan - My favourite thing has to be always learning with each release of the Betfred project, expanding my knowledge on the product, and different ways of testing. I also enjoy writing and maintaining automation scripts for a project.

Connor - My favourite thing about testing is probably learning how different apps, games and websites work.

Tom - I enjoy using new technologies, working on the latest tablet and mobile devices, and finding issues reported by users.

Daniel - for me, it is all about learning new technologies, techniques, new ways to find problems.

Why is testing important?

Bryan - I think that testing is important because without it, quality can not be assured on any project. We are essential to ensuring that the customer enjoys the final product, and to ensure they get the smoothest user experience possible.

Connor - I think that testing is important because it determines the quality of the product that you are trying to put out. Without any testing, a project runs the risk of going live with issues which look bad on the company.

Tom - Without any testing, products will go live with bugs. With bugs, the product’s user base will decline.

Daniel - A few examples -

Sowmya - How will we know if we are delivering what is expected?

What are some good resources to learn more about testing?

Bryan - Good resources to learn about testing are,, and if you’d like to meet up for testing events.

Connor -, are good for learning about testing. Also, YouTube is a surprisingly good resource for automation tutorials.

Tom - and go find your nearest meetup and go. You will learn all about QA.

Daniel -, and of course YouTube.

What would you say to anyone looking to begin their career in testing?

Bryan - Give it a go, you won’t need a specific degree or anything, just make sure you’re passionate about software, and make sure it is the best it can be.

Connor - Go for it. Just make sure you're passionate and always be thinking about how to improve the quality of your work.

Tom - Go and do it!!!!

Daniel - read some topics and see what you want for your future :) -

Sowmya - It’s evolving and exciting! The career path is very diverse!

What are your hobbies/interests?

Bryan - When I’m not working, I like to relax by playing video games, reading, going for a few bevs, or playing airsoft, which is similar to paintball, but with BB guns and gnarlier bruises.

Connor - In my spare time, I enjoy playing video games, playing football with my daughter, and reading comic books. And of course, going for a few pints on match day.

Tom - I enjoy going for walks, playing video games and reading.

Daniel - I have 2 kids, so I try to spend time with them too. In my free time, I like to meet friends, sports, music, movies, just meeting random people and I love to repair cars :)

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