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We've recently announced that we've promoted two of our existing team members to Technical Directors - Web & Infrastructure and Mobile. We've very excited about them taking on the senior management roles and wanted to introduce them properly.

Here's our blog about Peter Stringer, Technical Director - Mobile.
peter stringer

Tell us a bit about yourself

I’ve been building software for over 15 years. I enjoy taking on challenges and always learning new things. Sparked by my desire to make my own game when I was younger, I’m lucky enough to have turned what initially was a passionate hobby in programming into a full-blown career.

How long have you been with Degree 53 and what’s your experience been like?

I’ve been working at Degree 53 for over 7 years for as long as there’s been a Degree 53. I was originally hired as part of the Betfred mobile division, and have stayed with the team since.

What are your responsibilities as a director?

I manage a team of 13 mobile developers, including Android and iOS (the largest team in the company). My role involves architecting solutions, producing technical documentation, solving problems and making sure our high development standards are being met. It’s also my job to make sure we’re always progressing, whether that’s with new technologies or adopting new industry standards and patterns. I am also a technical advisor for mobile between our clients and the company.

What will be your main focus from now on?

To ensure that the new much larger team of developers are focused and have everything they need to be able to produce software that meets our high standard for our clients.

What are you most looking forward to in this role?

Innovating. I’m looking forward to exploring the new possibilities that will come with the role that will allow me to drive the team forward. I want to make sure we don’t just stay current, but we are able to extend beyond that, providing our clients with the latest opportunities the mobile world has to offer.

What are the strengths of the Degree 53 mobile offering?

Our amazing native developers’ team has produced applications across a number of sectors. Our experience means we have the knowledge to be able to guide our customers to deliver a successful mobile app. We’re also passionate about native development, meaning we are able to extract the highest level of performance and make use of the latest mobile technologies that would otherwise be restricted by a cross-platform offering.

How does the mobile development team at Degree 53 adapt to the constant changes in mobile tech and devices?

We share and communicate. Whenever something new comes out, we open discussions about what impact it could have on the mobile tech space and how we are able to make use of it for our clients. The fact that the industry is constantly evolving makes it exciting and means there’s always something new to learn about. Our developers instinctively want to be a part of that, which means while it can be challenging, we enjoy it. We also just have a keen interest to play with the latest gadgets!

What do you enjoy the most about working at Degree 53?

The wide range of projects we are lucky enough to work on. It’s never boring at Degree 53 and over the years, I’ve worked on just about everything from dating, banking, healthcare and gaming apps to an app using bespoke hardware for fuel spectroscopy!

What’s the most valuable lesson you’ve learnt while working in the tech industry?

You must be willing to learn and iterate. The fast pace at which the industry changes means you need to be flexible enough to move with it. Things can quickly become out of date or something you thought was the best way of doing something can suddenly be improved. Being humble and understanding this will allow you to open your mind to new ideas and technologies and stay on top of things.

What are your hobbies?

I love gaming, whether it’s playing them or creating them! I’m a massive fan of shooters and RPGs. I’m also a bit of a space nerd and enjoy looking at what's out there with my telescope. I’ve also just started to dip my toe into Astrophotography!

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