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This Christmas will be different than the previous years, but we hope it will still be fun and cheerful. With more of us spending time at home, it is worth getting the user experience of your Christmas tree right to delight you and make your home cosier.

We’ve come up with some UX tips for the best Christmas tree decor. Take a look!

1. Get the right tree for your room. If you haven’t already bought a tree, think about your ceiling height and how much space the tree will take. You don’t want to be in the same situation as the National Lampoon.

2. Make sure your tree is in a prime spot where you can see it, but it shouldn’t get in the way. Also, think about the proximity to plugs for your lights.

3. Fluff your tree. If your artificial tree has been sat in the box for a year, it will likely be very flat when it comes out. You can bring it back to life by fluffing the branches to give it a full and fresh look. Your real tree should have it naturally.

4. Wireframe the lights first. Neutral white, sparkly multicolour or gradient hues - they will make all the difference and add a sparkle to your decks. Lights are easier to add first than once you’ve put all the baubles up.

5. Pick a colour scheme that reflects your personality and complements the room. Are you a flamboyant art deco or a hygge scandi type?

6. Keep your fancy tree decorations away from your pets. Hang the more fragile and valuable ones higher up. And keep an eye on any loose tinsel that your pets might think they can snack on.

7. If you have a real tree, ensure it gets enough water and check how long it lasts before you order it. You don’t want a dry old tree on Christmas Day.

8. Hang the decorations evenly around the tree, leaving no bare spots. You want your tree to look complete.

9. It’s all about that base. You can cover it up with a tree skirt, hide it under a pile of presents or add a few Christmas characters to sit under your tree. Think through all the details surrounding it.

10. Showcase your best ornaments. If you have any vintage or extra special baubles, place them in the best spots for everyone to admire.

11. Pick the tree topper that will bring your entire decor together and make your Christmas tree pop. Angel, star, ballerina or a huge pompom - you choose!

12. Fill any gaps with smaller decorations like icicles, bows, bells or smaller baubles. They will add extra dimension and will complement the bigger decorations.

Now that you’re a Christmas tree UX expert, it’s time to put it all into action! Have some wine while you’re decorating!

Merry Christmas from Degree 53!

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