Blog 53

Now that we’re gradually coming out of lockdown, I wanted to reflect on the apps that helped me during the past few months and kept me going. This pandemic has proven how important it is to be able to provide services remotely, and apps are a great way of doing this for many businesses. They can also be a source of positivity and cheer us up. So let’s take a look at which ones I’ve been enjoying the most.


I got a dog during the lockdown, and with more spare time, I’ve been posting pictures of her on Instagram, watching her become famous! It’s given me something to do, as well as share my joy with others.

I really like Instagram’s design - it’s clean, simple and it’s built so all pictures stand out. It’s also great when you need inspiration or some lighthearted content. I love National Geographic’s page! It’s such a good platform to use for your own business or sharing your brand with a wider audience.


Amazon came out on top during the lockdown. Having already been a leader in online orders, it became one of the most useful eCommerce apps for many who haven’t been able to go to the shops. All I’ve been doing is ordering things so I wouldn’t have to leave the house. It’s one of my most used apps thanks to its exceptional customer service, convenience and ease of use.


I’m a big fan of Deliveroo. Not only because of how easy it is to order food from so many different places, but the app is very well designed too. But as soon as Nando’s became available, I’ve been using Deliveroo non-stop. I use it at least 2-3 times a week now.

The app is very intuitive, you can easily make repeat orders, it’s personalised and has great branding overall. If you’re looking for convenience, it’s packed into this app! I also love little Easter egg animations within the app!


I used Todoist for keeping organised and for planning my days. The simple UI is great and makes me get things done!


Being a huge Disney fan, I was very excited about the launch of Disney+, and it couldn’t have come at a better time! It’s great for watching all the old Disney classics.

I love how you can choose your own character avatar from a massive library. Mine is Maleficent, as Sleeping Beauty is my favourite Disney princess film. They use simple UI and they make great use of dark UI as well. I like that it works on all devices, which is so handy!


I love the curated playlists! Spotify is a great brand and I love the dark UI! It also works on all devices and it’s super easy to connect or switch them. Music makes me want to dance all the time which lifts my mood, especially being stuck indoors!


Balance has really helped me relax. It’s a really well designed app for all different types of ways to improve mindfulness. The illustrations make it visually impressive.


Miro has been great for running remote workshops and collaboration. We’ve used this tool for a number of workshops now and it’s been a great success! It has a wide range of different templates to use to help you get started which is really helpful!

Zoom & Google Meet

We’ve been using both Zoom and Google Meet a lot for remote meetings and client calls. They’re very easy to use, you can record meetings and they’re generally pretty reliable for calls with lots of people.


We created our company Discord channel for anyone who was missing the office atmosphere and wanted to have a chat without setting up meetings or calls. It’s allowed us to connect with other team members and we enjoyed having occasional chats with them. We even hosted a few after work drinks and games there!

There are lots of apps out there that have provided value during the lockdown period. I hope businesses will recognise that this is a great way of reaching their audiences and continuing to operate remotely too. Great usability, design and useful content will go a long way to achieving brand loyalty and ultimately, a great customer experience.

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