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To say that our society was totally unprepared for a pandemic and staying in isolation is an understatement. While many of us will enjoy cancelling plans and staying in for a bit, social distancing can still be very hard when you’re unable to do many of your daily activities outside of your home.

While this is a tough period, we believe we can get through this and we need to stay positive. We’ve put together a list of great apps that can keep you occupied and help you do lots of activities indoors.

Working remotely

It might be difficult for some to adjust to working from home and you might miss the social aspect of being in the office.

We use Slack every day, but it’s been very useful for us to stay in touch with our teams on specific projects and generally updating each other while we’re not together. You can also have phone calls and video chats over Slack, so if you wanted a quick catch up with your colleague, it’s pretty easy to do.

Another great tool is Google Hangouts. We use it for any stand ups and meetings to tune in from our homes. It’s been great not having to fight over a meeting room for a change. You can just call in and do the same meeting you’d do in real life. Just make sure you’re on mute when your dog starts barking in the background!

If you’re missing the general chat and banter of the office, Discord could be useful for just asking random questions from your team and having a normal conversation over the headset.

Skype is another great way to have a call with your colleagues and clients. It’s widely used already, so you won’t have an issue asking for their skype username to connect.

Staying active

While we’re not on lockdown, you can still go out for a walk or run. Some gyms are still open, but they can be quite unhygienic and might also start limiting the amount of people coming in. Luckily, there’s lots of great apps for staying active and helping you exercise from home.

Nike Run Club and Adidas Runtastic apps track your running routes, activities and steps. They also work with your smart watches and trackers.

My Fitness Pal has been around for years and has grown a great community of people who want to track their food intake, exercise, as well as getting tips on best workouts.

Daily Yoga is great for practising yoga, doing your morning stretches, taking a break between meetings and generally learning how to do it properly. There are lots of yoga and meditation classes, which could become quite useful when trying to tackle anxiety.

Seven offers 7 minute workouts and gets you into the habit of doing them every day for such a short period of time. It can be useful if you want a quick break and don’t want a long exercise.

While we may not be as mobile, hydration is still key to maintain your fitness levels. Waterlogged helps you track how much water you drink and sends you reminders to help you reach your goals.

Eating in

Unfortunately due to so many people staying in doors, restaurants are suffering. Many have decided to close. Luckily, some are trying to adapt and have started offering takeaway menus for anyone still wanting to support them and have a nice meal. Many have signed up to Deliveroo, Uber Eats and Just Eat, which also started offering no-contact delivery. However, if you live close by, just phone them up in advance and collect your food directly from the restaurant. Support your local businesses and utilise the food delivery apps to help them out.

Also, please be sensible and don’t stockpile food from the supermarkets. Leave it to those who will need it.

Quarantine and chill

This might be the time to binge on a show you’ve been putting off for months. The search for TV subscription services has surged and it’s the time to shine for likes of Netflix and Prime Video. Disney+ is also starting soon in the UK, so there’s lots of great stuff to watch while you’re staying at home.

Similarly, video games are a great way of keeping yourself entertained. Steam has lots of sales for PC games, and it’s worth checking out what’s available on Playstation and Xbox stores too.

Being social

It’s important to keep your distance and stop visiting pubs and bars. However, it’s also very hard to stay isolated and not be able to see your friends and family. You need to make use of all the Facetime and video call features any social apps offer. Facebook and Whatsapp can reach your contacts really well.

We’ve also noticed a spike in celebrity live broadcasts on Instagram Stories. Apps like Instagram and TikTok will probably see more content creation and engagement during this time as more younger people are staying in too.

There are lots of more apps and activities that you can do while social distancing. It’s important to take care of yourself and your loved ones. In this case, staying at home might be the best thing for everyone. Despite this, thanks to these apps, you can carry on doing a lot of daily activities remotely.

Make sure you stay safe and take care of yourselves!

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