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For iOS developers, September usually means new tech from Apple. We’re yet to find out which devices Apple will release, but we’ve had another update. Apple announced a change to its App Review process.

Apple will no longer delay important updates to existing apps in the App Store due to guideline violations. Developers will be able to carry on rolling out significant app updates much quicker, addressing guideline violations in the next submission. This means that if your app doesn’t meet the Apple Design Guidelines, but its update includes a critical usability fix, Apple won’t hold it in review, and will publish it regardless. However, the guidelines will still need to be met in the following update.

Moreover, developers will be able to challenge Apple’s guidelines by suggesting changes to them if they believe their app meets Apple’s requirements. They can submit a form with an explanation so Apple would consider this appeal.

This is a positive change from Apple, which likely stems from its dispute with Basecamp over the company’s refusal to include subscriptions in its app, which is a guideline violation. Before, developers would need to wait for the Apple review team’s response when submitting an app, which would not always clearly explain which elements exactly don’t meet their guidelines. As a result, smaller guideline issues could delay bigger app updates, which can be crucial to the user experience. However, now, these updates won’t be affected and developers will have more time to resolve smaller guideline issues.

It’s also a welcome idea to submit suggestions for guidelines and it seems Apple is offering to work together on this. Whether they’ll be able to review or implement everything and how quickly, we are yet to see.

With iOS 14 coming out soon, and with it come stricter privacy rules, Apple is committing to work with developers to provide a great experience to its customers. Hopefully, this will help more developers resolve general issues quicker, as well as having more time to work out any guideline violations too.

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