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Yesterday, Apple hosted its Spring Loaded Event to share their latest work. There are some really interesting developments that we’re looking forward to working with on using the new technology. Let’s take a closer look at what Apple is launching soon.

More colour for Macs

One of the more exciting announcements for us is the new iMac. The colour range itself looks amazing which will no doubt brighten up any office. Macs come with a 24-inch, 4.5K display, are much thinner and sleeker, taking up considerably less space. The new Mac comes with an improved audio system, camera, CPU and matching accessories.

Macs come with the M1 and MacOS Big Sur which give them great performance and longer battery life. M1 enables developers to create universal apps across all Apple devices, which means they save time and cost on developing separate apps. This also means they can be more consistent and work well on different screens. This makes a big difference to businesses like us.


Upgrades to iPad Pro

iPad Pro is also getting an upgrade like the Mac with the M1 chip, giving it more power and better performance. Apple claims it’s 1,500 times faster than the original iPad!

Apple has also enhanced the iPad Pro with better graphics, camera and audio technology which makes visual creation, game play and video more advanced and vibrant. It also has a longer battery life and larger storage capacity.

Apple has added the 5G capability to support quick connectivity and fast download speeds. We can’t wait to test this one out!

Refreshed Apple Podcasts

Apple has announced that it's giving a fresh look to the Podcasts app, making it easier to find shows and finding recommendations. Apple is also adding subscriptions to podcasts to enable ad-free listening and early access. We’d like to see how this will work as subscriptions are being added across different platforms and seem to be the way forward to monetising media and services.

New colour for iPhone 12

While we didn’t expect a new iPhone this time, the new purple colour on iPhone 12 looks great! Apple has been experiencing record sales with iPhone 12 models, so adding a new colour could keep the momentum going. However, we can’t wait to hear about the next iPhone and what features Apple will roll out with it later this year. However, iOS 14.5 is already arriving next week!

No more lost items with the AirTag

IKEA study shared that on average, people spend about 5000 hours of their lives looking for misplaced items. Now, Apple is addressing this by launching AirTags that can be attached to keys, iPhone, wallet and other easily lost things to be able to quickly locate them using the Find My app.

Moreover, Apple has added enhanced security to these tags to avoid any issues with external trackers or other devices picking them up. Although they’re not cheap, this will be a game changer for those that constantly lose their belongings.

Apple TV

Apple TV is also coming with new tech. Apple announced 4K and enhanced graphics. Apple TV is getting the A12 Bionic chip which gives it much more power for customers to watch TV, play games, stream videos and do much more.

Since picture quality often relies on different TV makes, Apple TV has an additional feature that balances colours and adjusts the picture to display whatever the customer is watching in the best way. Apple has also updated the TV remote to be more intuitive and easier to control with. This will no doubt make the viewing experience for many Apple TV fans.
apple tv4k

These are some really exciting news from Apple and we can’t wait to try these products. Stay tuned for our review from WWDC in June and other updates about iOS app development!
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