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There seem to be lots of new tech announcements lately, having just reviewed Google IO, we’re now onto WWDC21 - Apple’s annual developers’ conference. There are a lot of new features and it’ll be great to use them once the new OS is launched later this year.

Let’s unpack what stood out to us!

iOS 15

This time, Apple has added lots of collaborative features to iOS 15 to help users stay connected and share their favourite media more efficiently. One that we really liked includes improved FaceTime features with sound isolation and a clearer focus on the speaker (especially for group calls). There are also new features for sharing media (music, video, screens etc) while chatting with others. Apple’s technology enables users on both ends to watch videos and share images or screens with each other without delay. Perhaps this might come in handy when watching live sports with multiple people.

We use our phones for so many things that often, certain apps can be distracting with lots of notifications popping up throughout the day. In order to make time for other things, Apple has introduced Focus, a feature that allows to group and prioritise notifications. Users can set a specific time for their notification summary to appear and they can also set a priority to ensure they don’t miss anything important.

With Focus, users can use preset priorities or create their own, picking which notifications they would like to see during that time (e.g. Work). This is a really interesting update that will help to separate content, displaying only the relevant information when we want it. It will help us focus on what we are doing at the time, rather than be distracted by everything at once.

Apple has also added a ‘status’ message, similar to Slack or other messaging services, that will appear for contacts whenever a user has set a Do Not Disturb mode. However, users will still be able to push their message through if it’s really important.

iPadOS 15

Widgets have finally arrived on iPad! They have the capabilities for a newly expanded, larger widget, allowing developers to include more content. Widgets are a great way to add actions and functionality to apps with a quick shortcut. Although we haven’t seen many yet, there could be some great uses for betting or gaming widgets to have a quick to play functionality or viewing upcoming draws. We’d really love to create some for our clients!

We've made some mockups for iPhone widgets and these can now be used on the iPad too!


Apple continues to improve their privacy features and some of the latest additions are enhanced privacy with the option of hiding the user’s IP address in both Mail and Safari. In addition, users will be able to use App Privacy Report to find out which apps use their data and what they use exactly. This is similar to Google’s summary report and it’s great to see both tech giants adapting their tech to accommodate these user concerns.

It might be relevant to online gambling operators as their apps use customer data for different things, including location due to geofencing and compliance with local gambling regulations. Operators need to be clear and upfront with their customers with regards to why this data is required.
app store events

App Store

It was great to see Apple add new developments to the App Store. Apple has enabled product owners to create numerous product pages on the App Store, targeting different types of users. It’s something like A/B testing which could be very useful to many developers. App owners can use different screenshots for certain promotions, as well as trialling different approaches to see which ones work best. This includes both screenshots and app icons. It’ll also be useful to promote different verticals in the same app, for example, Sports Betting, Casino or Games. It might be easier than including lots of content in one description.

Apple is bringing events to the App Store. This will allow product owners to promote in-app events directly from the App Store to ensure users are able to join them much easier and don’t miss out on any exclusive content. The events will be displayed on the app page, as well as being listed in personalised recommendations. Apple hasn’t confirmed when this feature will roll out, but this is a great way of gaining new customers, as well as enticing existing ones to join the ongoing activities. This could be huge for sports betting and gaming, alerting fans to upcoming matches or draws. We wish this feature came out ahead of the Euros!

Apple has announced more new things coming up and we can’t wait to try them. The ones above stood out to use the most as we can see how we can apply them to our client’s projects. No doubt, there are lots of fantastic features, and we’ll be delving more into the development side of things in another blog soon. So, watch this space!

In the meantime, if you’d like to talk to us about app development in more detail, let us know!

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