AESSEAL Android Mobile App Development

The Project

AESSEAL specialises in the design and manufacture of mechanical seals and support systems worldwide.

AESSEAL came to Degree 53 to explore the delivery of a native app to complement the delivery of their Automated Enquiry Software. They wanted an app to enable AESSEAL’s sales team to successfully work offline when travelling or on-site when an internet connection isn’t always available.

Degree 53 worked collaboratively with AESSEAL to successfully create a reliable tool for their sales team.


The Challenge

We were approached to create a native app with offline features and incorporating the Automated Enquiry Software that was being created for AESSEAL by their web platform provider. This meant that we were on a specific timeline to create the app in parallel with the online platform. This entailed our team building in line with the web platform provider’s design and development phases, ensuring all of the requirements were met and all features worked together seamlessly.

Moreover, due to the COVID-19 lockdown, we had to adjust to a new way of working as a business. Thanks to the close collaboration with AESSEAL and their web platform provider, we successfully carried on app development without any challenges while working remotely.

AESSEAL Android App Design

We needed to work closely with both AESSEAL and their web platform provider to create the app in line with Android design guidelines. Our UX and UI designers first created wireframes to define the user journey and main elements of the app. Then, they began to work on visual designs for the app.

The main purpose of the design was to easily enable AESSEAL teams to record information using the app in environments where internet connection is not available. These designs needed to be consistent with the look and feel of the web-based Automated Enquiry Software that was being created at the same time.

Along every step of the process, AESSEAL had full visibility of the designs produced. This ensured that we were creating an app that met AESSEAL’s requirements and included any changes the other party was working on.


AESSEAL App Development

Our developers used their knowledge to create their own APIs and databases to use in the offline app development whilst AESSEAL’s online system was being developed. This meant we could test app functionality without having to sync it with AESSEAL’s platform each time, making this process more efficient. Once the web platform provider had finished their development and their APIs became available, the team quickly updated the app with the finalised APIs.

One of AESSEAL’s requirements for the app was to offer an experience of the online platform. All features were designed and developed at a component level, meaning our team created functional UI elements that worked effectively across the app. We created an app that offers a seamless user experience for the AESSEAL’s sales team and syncs well with their Automated Enquiry System.

The Result

The team at Degree 53 worked with AESSEAL to create an Android app that allows AESSEAL employees to work in environments that do not have internet connectivity, enabling them to continue their work and save valuable information on the system.

All of the data and information added on the app is stored on the local device which submits it to AESSEAL’s central database once it reaches an online state. The app reflects the functionality of AESSEAL’s online platform that syncs with it when back online.

The app includes a range of features:

  • Login authentication for security
  • Availability to work offline and online
  • Data capture forms
  • Local data is securely stored on the device until AESSEAL employees have the availability to work online
  • Accessible dashboard with client visit history, enabling the sales team to start a new enquiry or amend existing ones

Degree 53 continues to support AESSEAL and will be creating additional functionality in the future.

The Testimonial

Our sales team are often travelling or working on sites that do not have access to an internet connection. We needed an app that would be reliable and securely store our customers’ information when our teamwork in remote locations or aren't able to connect online with our central system.

Degree 53 have exceeded in their design and development, using their expert knowledge and efficiency. They worked closely with us and our supplier at all times to ensure all our requirements were met and implemented into the app. We would highly recommend Degree 53 and we look forward to adding more developments to the app in the future.

Tom Broadbent

Digital Transformation Manager

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