Betfred Lotto

The Brief

Degree 53 were approached by Betfred, who wanted to expand their existing Lotto product range with a complete family of tailored mobile apps across the mobile web, iOS, Android, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 platforms. These targeted new customers, included new functionality and embodied Betfred's 'Fun & Friendly' brand positioning.

The Solution

Apple iOS App:

Research showed that Betfred's customers are predominantly Apple iOS users, so initial efforts were focused on developing the brand on this platform.

Degree 53 designers are experts in iOS design and were able to utilise device-specific features to create an innovative product that is completely unique to the gaming industry.

Android App:

Building on the success of the iOS product we optimised the Lotto product for Android devices, focusing on unique Android features. We also redesigned the application to accommodate the wide variety of screen sizes and device types currently in use.

Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 Apps:

Betfred partnered with Microsoft to produce the first gambling application for Windows 8.1 and Windows Phone 8.

Windows 8 is exemplified by uncluttered screens that prioritise content and operate fluidly. Degree 53 worked closely with Microsoft, ensuring that the application met the Windows 8 guidelines perfectly.

The application was designed to behave as Windows-users would expect and bespoke assets were produced to convey the Betfred Lotto brand on the new platform.

Technical Stuff


Degree 53 was able to modernise the previous Lotto brand by creating a new logo and lightening the overall colour scheme. This ensured that the product was instantly familiar to both new and existing customers whilst offering a 'Fun & Friendly' experience.


'Fun & Friendly' themed illustrations were created for each lottery type. These were validated by research and analysis so as to provide a visually entertaining user experience and give each lottery its own personality. Vector illustrations were used to maintain consistency and image quality across the different products.


The Lotto product contained a lot of essential information to be displayed to recreational customers. Degree 53 took this into account whilst designing the product family. Content spacing, to allow text to be easily read, was a key design feature. Navigational consistency was maintained across the range, so as to provide instant familiarity to customers. Primary 'happy path' navigation buttons are always easy to reach on the page, and all screen layouts were optimised to that end.

Style Guide

We adhered to device platform and Betfred style-guides throughout. The Lotto apps were instantly recognisable and familiar to Betfred customers, even though they were a unique and innovative range of standalone products.

The Finished Product

Degree 53 designed the Betfred app from the ground up to provide a first class service the operator's users. The end result is a product that allows users to effortlessly place bets and check results.

The app is available on iOS and Android devices with distinctive designs aimed at maximising the potential of each platform.

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