Evergreen Energy Web Application

The Project

Evergreen Energy specialise in renewable energy and sustainability, providing relevant information to installers and end-users. Evergreen approached Degree 53 to help them with the redesign of their existing web application - The Evergreen Energy Installer Toolkit. The software enables renewable and Microgeneration Certification Scheme installers across the UK to design and calculate compliant renewable energy options.

The Challenge

Evergreen’s application had a number of UX challenges in terms of how different types of users would interact with the application and input their data. The application needed to be simplified to allow for a more intuitive and clearer user experience.

The application is used by contractors, installers and office staff, however, it was also important to consider the potential for future use with individual property owners. Another consideration was Evergreen’s Quality Management system and ensuring the Evergreen Energy Installer Toolkit application could be easily adapted in the future.

The new design needed to take into account that users would access Evergreen’s application from three device types: desktop, tablet and mobile. Therefore, the design needed to be responsive to ensure optimal user experience across these three platforms.

Prior to the redesign, the team at Degree 53 held a discovery workshop with Evergreen to learn more about the product, their challenges and where they wanted to take it to help their users. To get a better understanding of how Evergreen’s users interact with the Evergreen Energy Installer Toolkit application, the team also gathered real user feedback to establish what areas make their experience challenging. Based on this, designers compiled user stories and profiles to help create a more relevant and intuitive user journey and visuals.

The Solution

The design team at Degree 53 provided a complete redesign of the visuals for the Evergreen Energy Installer Toolkit application suitable for desktop, tablet and mobile devices. All designs were created according to Evergreen’s brand guidelines and keeping in mind its target audience.

Degree 53 set out to solve Evergreen’s UX problems encountered when using the software to ensure that their users are able to quickly and easily navigate, find and complete their desired actions. These include creating a log of measurements for different rooms, calculating energy efficiency, saving and editing documents, viewing customer details and more. The visuals are component based to allow for scaling the system in the future and creating additional elements for Evergreen’s services.

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