Flint Group Website Development

The Project

Flint Group, one of the largest suppliers to the printing and packaging industry worldwide, partnered with Degree 53 to create a new user-friendly website with improved user experience. The ink provider needed a responsive website which would be optimised for mobile and offer an easier method of finding its products. Flint Group is a global company, which meant that they also required some of the pages to be available in multiple languages.

The Challenge

Flint Group’s new website needed to be responsive and optimised for mobile with an efficient user experience (UX), intuitive site architecture and a flexible search engine. It also needed to offer certain pages in different languages. The entire project required the implementation of a new content management system (CMS) for simpler and more flexible site hierarchy. This would allow Flint Group to update its content, as well as enabling the team to build a simpler structure for it.

Flint have a broad portfolio of products and services, so it was important for the website to have an intuitive and simple hierarchy. The team wanted users to be able to gain access to all of their products as easily and as quickly as possible. A similar mentality was applied to the user journeys behind Flint Group’s vacancies, contact details and news pages.

Due to the large amount of content, it was key that we effectively migrated everything to the new system without losing track of any of the files or data.

The Solution

The developers at Degree 53 selected Umbraco as the most suitable CMS for Flint Group’s new website. It offers flexible content structure, which was a priority. It’s also very easy to maintain for both the agency and the website managers on Flint Group’s side.

One of the key requirements that Degree 53 worked on was creating an intuitive UX and site navigation. The site has a smart search functionality with predictive results. As soon as the user starts typing a keyword, the search will display any relevant products containing it. The developers also split the product sections into three tiers according to their respective categories. Visitors can find appropriate documentation next to each product, as well as any related options.

As some products are only available in certain regions or countries, Degree 53 implemented custom rules to display pages accordingly. This is to make sure users get the most relevant and localised information about Flint Group’s offering. Degree 53 redesigned the vacancies, news and contacts pages, making them more user-friendly and easier to read. The Contact section has been arranged so users would be able to find representatives by region and country. For more localised content, some pages across the site are also available in nine languages.

To make sure that the client was comfortable with the management of the site moving forward, Degree 53 produced an Umbraco user guide and held training sessions for Flint Group’s stakeholders.

The Testimonial

I’m very happy with our new website and the amount of work Degree 53 have put into it. The team really took time to understand our business, products and customers to create a website that would address both our and their needs. They did a great job with migrating all our content to the new CMS, creating a new user journey and restructuring the files accordingly. Degree 53 continues to support us with any updates and we’re very happy to be working with them.

Colin Stokes

Group Communications & Sustainability Director

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