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The Project

Health Assured is the UK and Ireland’s largest award-winning employee assistance programme provider, helping more than 13 million people, across over 50,000 organisations including ASOS, NHS, Siemens and Deloitte.

Health Assured approached Degree 53 to create an app to offer additional health and wellbeing services through interactive features to their clients. They already had a learning materials app which they wanted to take to the next level through a redesign and build, offering more engagement and useful tools.

The app needed to offer content on different topics around wellbeing, include activity trackers, offer engagement opportunities and provide useful tools for improving lifestyle. The app also needed to be easily managed by Health Assured and their clients’ teams.

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Discovery and User Testing

Firstly, the team at Degree 53 held Discovery and design workshops with the Health Assured stakeholders to learn about their requirements for the app and understand how their clients use their employee assistance programme.

This was important to gain a deeper understanding of how Health Assured wanted to build upon their existing app by absorbing knowledge of their customers and industry. Based on ideas generated in the workshops, our designers created wireframes for core customer journeys which were taken into user testing to validate the user experience proposed for the new design.

We carried on gathering user feedback throughout the entire app development process to ensure everything worked as intended with a slick UX. This allowed us to receive direct feedback from our colleagues and the Health Assured team, especially those that weren’t familiar with the project, to learn about their experience and make any necessary changes. The more eyes we had on the app throughout the build phase, the more we could refine it before releasing it in the app stores.

App Design

Health Assured wanted to feature their existing branding in the new app for a more consistent transition when onboarding customers. Our designers used it to create additional graphics, adapting them to the Android or iOS specific requirements.

Our designers created a variety of screens, interactions, animations and icons for each feature to make the app as interactive and as exciting as possible. The app’s user interface needed to be clean to allow for the content and features to stand out. We fully incorporated Health Assured's brand guidelines, making use of the colour palette, iconography and imagery.

Web Development

In order for Health Assured to manage content, analytics and users, our development team created a web portal which feeds everything into the app. The portal enables Health Assured to track different anonymous metrics from demographics to specific data around the use of each feature, which helps to monitor what is beneficial to employee wellbeing.

Health Assured has the overall analytics of the app’s usage and engagement, which helps them review its performance and make data-driven changes accordingly.

It was also important for Health Assured to be able to provide different tiers of the service package to their clients, allowing for flexibility around account customisation. The portal allows them to easily create a standard package and add extra functionality, depending on the client’s needs.

The client view allows client administrators to monitor employee engagement, list key contacts within their organisation and manage employee accounts.

The portal is also great for reporting, using lots of visuals to present analytics in a clear and visually pleasing way.

Native App Development

Health Assured wanted the app to offer lots of different aspects of wellbeing, and its content needed to be presented in interactive and useful features. The app needed to house articles, videos and podcasts, and provide data tracking (e.g. steps, water intake, mood). All of this was created for the app and Health Assured can manage the content from the web portal.

Health Assured wanted to include engaging features throughout the app to make it part of their users’ daily routine. Degree 53 created different features to engage users and gamify the experience which ultimately helps users make improvements to their health and wellbeing. Degree 53 created a four-week programme for users to make lifestyle changes (e.g. quit smoking), mini health checks to learn and measure their wellbeing, as well as creating leaderboards for employees to take part in challenges together (e.g. step count in the company or department).

Our developers integrated Apple Health and Google Fit so users can sync their devices with the app and share data. This brings the trackers to life and reduces the need for manual input.

The Result

Degree 53 designed and built native iOS and Android versions of the My Healthy Advantage App for Health Assured. It enables them to provide more services and lots of great features to boost their clients’ wellbeing.

My Healthy Advantage app provides:

  • A Health Hub with a range of learning materials and personalised content about different aspects of wellbeing, including articles, videos and podcasts
  • A four-week programme and mini health checks for users to improve their lifestyle
  • Trackers for mood, steps, water intake, weight and sleep
  • Breathing techniques - three exercises to help users take a break and focus on their wellbeing
  • Leaderboards for users to take part in challenges with their colleagues, using the app’s trackers, where users can encourage each other by sending high fives
  • Achievements for completed goals that each client can set up and customise for their teams
  • Apple Health and Google Fit compatibility
  • Perks and discounts from Health Assured’s partners, which their clients can take advantage of
  • Web portal for content, client and user management
  • Visual analytics to monitor engagement

Developed from the ground up using the latest iOS 14 and Android 11 components, the apps are designed to be future-focused. Using Degree 53’s UX and app expertise alongside Health Assured’s industry knowledge, we were able to deliver a market-leading health and wellbeing app with a supporting management system.

The Testimonial

We’re very excited here at Health Assured by the work Degree 53 have put into our app, My Healthy Advantage. As a leading health & wellbeing provider, we needed something put together quickly, with minimal hassle, and with some very clear expectations regarding functionality—and Degree 53 exceeded those expectations at every turn.

We received regular updates throughout the process, both on the app’s progress and the things we needed to provide to make it a smooth, seamless development and launch. On the basis of the feedback we’ve received from clients who are using My Healthy Advantage, we wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Degree 53 to anyone for any and all mobile app work.

David Price


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