Medichecks Rebrand

The Project

Medichecks, an online blood testing and health screening provider, approached Degree 53 to overhaul their branding and website design. The company needed to enhance its visual identity to reflect its updated company personality and make it more relevant to their targeted audience.

Medichecks are pioneers in their field, providing over 1,200 products and services. Their aim is to offer easily accessible and affordable health products for everyone. It was essential that the branding would showcase its innovative side whilst making a connection with its audience.

The Challenge

Medichecks needed to update their branding to be in line with their personality, as well as targeting more specific demographics. The company wanted to build trust with their audience, share their passion for health and show how it can add value to its customers.

As Medichecks have a wide range of products and services, it was important that each section would stand out and display key information about them. This also meant that different customer types needed to be identified to be able to target these services more effectively and according to the company’s business objectives.

Medichecks also wanted to use the new branding across different media, including branded merchandise. It was important to create visuals that would be easy to adapt to different platforms, both digital and print.

The Solution

The design team at Degree 53 began work by researching the Medichecks’ current customers and those that they wanted to target. They created specific customer profiles, as well as reviewing their needs and health requirements to be able to create branding that would appeal to them.

Degree 53 came up with new branding for Medichecks that speaks to a broader audience and communicates their values. The team created a new logo, typography, website design and visuals as part of the entire rebrand to reflect Medichecks’ personality, as well as adapting everything to digital and print media.

The new visuals are modern, using vibrant colours to highlight a particular product section or service. The style is clean, yet friendly, using images that resonate with the target customers. The logo and brand images can be easily adapted for digital adverts or printed media, which enables the company to incorporate it into their branded merchandise.

The Testimonial

We, at Medichecks, are very happy with our new visual identity and how Degree 53 helped us position our company. It was important for us to have a serious attitude, while being friendly and understanding of our customers’ needs. Medichecks strive to provide affordable and accessible health tests for all, and having clear and defined branding will help us reach a wider audience.

Helen Marsden


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