Sofology My Account

The Project

Sofology, a Manchester-based furniture retailer, approached Degree 53 to provide a solution for their customer account system.

Sofology’s existing account system was not as fluid as they would have liked it to be. This did not provide the best experience for the customers. Upon purchasing a product, they would contact Sofology’s customer services team to retrieve the login details. The company realised that calls relating to delivery enquiries were growing. This meant that some customers were waiting unnecessarily on the phone. Sofology wanted to make this process more accessible as they understood the majority of customers preferred to book their delivery online.

How we approached it

Degree 53 began working on the project in October 2015 by inviting the Sofology team to a Product Design Sprint – a week-long group activity, pioneered by Google – to determine the objectives and functionality of the desired solution. This allowed both teams to explore various options and test them to find the best approaches and agree on the necessary steps to achieve set goals.

After this, the developers implemented the Umbraco content management system into Sofology’s back-end functionality to display the required customer information on their website. In addition, Degree 53 worked closely with Sofology’s marketing team to create the new system according to their new brand guidelines.

The Solution

Degree 53 developed a new customer account system, utilising Umbraco, for Sofology. The new online My Account system, which was launched in April 2016, enables customers to track orders, view outstanding balances, make payments and receive notifications. The system was designed to improve Sofology’s customer experience, making it a smoother and easier service, as well as providing useful and timely information about purchases and products. It showed nearly a 20% increase in online bookings in its first month of operation.

Degree 53 redesigned Sofology’s My Account system by implementing an easy-to-use content management system, Umbraco, which allows the marketing team to provide updates about products as an after-sales service. The information is displayed using ‘content cards’, a familiar design seen on most social platforms. The system integrates with an e-commerce system to enable online payments and a messaging service technology for key order updates, such as production and delivery status. Customers are able to access it by registering on the Sofology website and begin using it in no time.

The Testimonial

We are delighted with the results our new My Account system is delivering. We’ve already seen significant improvements in our customer experience. We are very impressed with how quickly Degree 53 managed to implement this solution. From the Product Design Sprint to working closely with our team to develop and integrate all our systems with the new My Account solution, it’s been a great experience. Their agile process allowed us to make changes while they were working on it, which saved us time and cost.

Jon Cleaver

Chief Technology Officer at Sofology

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