Swizzels User Testing

The Brief

Swizzels are one of the longest running sweet factories in the world. They’ve been making sweets since 1928 and still continue inventing to this day. They manufacture favourites like Love Hearts, Drumsticks and Parma Violets – all in the UK. They have an online shop where customers can order a variety of sweets from their website with an option to personalise and build hampers for different occasions.

Swizzels approached Degree 53 to carry out unbiased user testing on some recent changes to their website to get a better understanding of the user journey and find out if customers experience any difficulties navigating through the site, personalising and placing orders.

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User Testing

The digital experts at Degree 53 put together two user testing scenarios and invited a group of users that matched Swizzels’ target demographic to go through them on a mobile, tablet and laptop.

The first scenario involved ordering personalised Swizzels Love Heart sweets for wedding favours and the second was purchasing 100 personalised Love Hearts for a 60th birthday party. These tasks were devised to learn about any challenges customers may experience during some of the most popular purchases.

Users started from the Swizzels home page and had to find their way to the right section where they could place their order. They had to use personalisation tools, such as uploading an image and adding text, as well entering shipping and card details as if they were making a real purchase on the site.

Degree 53 recorded everything that happened on the screen and users themselves to capture all the details, reactions and comments, which help to build a better idea of their experiences with the site.

The Result

As a deliverable from the user testing, Degree 53 produced a report, describing each user’s experience alongside their comments and findings. They summarised all the points raised by the users and provided recommendations for how Swizzels could improve their website based on this feedback. The results of this user testing provided a plan for Swizzels on what is required to improve their customer experience and update the website accordingly.

User testing can reveal many details, such as identifying common issues customers experience that product owners might not be aware of, like complex forms. It’s a very effective way of testing a product and establishing areas for improvement.

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The Testimonial

We’re always interested in receiving customer feedback and learning from it to improve our products to offer the best web experience. Following coding changes designed to improve functionality and the customer experience, we decided to carry out user testing on a specific customer journey to find out whether we had been successful and how we could improve further.

The findings from the user sessions and recommendations from Degree 53 were invaluable to us in terms of providing insight into the challenges our customers experience with our website and how it could be improved further. Based on the user testing feedback, we now have a good understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of our site from a usability point of view and we have a clear direction on what we need to do next. We have great brands and it’s important to us that our customer experience supports them. I’m confident that we’ll be able to achieve this thanks to the help from the users and the experts at Degree 53.

Jonathan Dee

Director at Swizzels

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