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About Vibe Tickets

Vibe Tickets was founded by entrepreneur Luke Massie in 2013, to provide music, concert, sport and theatre lovers the chance to find and purchase hard to obtain tickets without having to pay ludicrous prices. In a world where the over-priced secondary ticketing market is rife and events sell out in seconds to touts, Luke saw the gap in the market and Vibe Tickets was born!

The Brief

Vibe Tickets approached Degree 53 with the aim of attracting new users to their service as well as offering their 150k Twitter followers and strong social media following a new and ethical way to easily buy and sell tickets between themselves. To achieve this we worked together on the development of a new mobile application for iOS and Android. We completed a full re-brand to clarify their brand position and ensure that their aim of being the leading brand for facilitating face value ticket sales was communicated accurately.

Vibe Tickets iOS app


Vibe Tickets were looking for a complete overhaul of their brand inline with the unique offering it would be providing its users. Degree 53 worked with Vibe during a discovery Workshop to gain an in depth understanding of their target market, the vision for the brand and the message that needed to be conveyed to the of community of live entertainment fans.

From the discovery workshop we understood Vibe’s core values were an integral part of the way they wanted their brand to represent them. With this in mind when creating moodboards and initial sketches we were aligning it with their values; Helpful, Happy, Human and Trustworthy.

Using our understanding of Vibes personality, the Vibe Tickets product and the values shown above we designed a strong, dynamic, engaging and responsive logo and used this to build out the rest of the Vibe brand. A new set of Brand Guidelines were created for Vibe which focused the Brand ethos and all the aesthetic elements of the brand.

Vibe Tickets UX wireframes

UX and Design

A further discovery workshop was held with all key stakeholders from vibe and the degree 53 team to understand the functionality, user behaviours and key success metrics for the Vibe Tickets app.

During the UX process, particular attention was paid to the core activities of uploading tickets for sale, how users would find each other and then arrange purchases. We wanted to ensure that sellers could enter their ticket information in as few steps as possible and that users looking for tickets were always able to find exactly what they were looking for.

Early-stage wireframes and prototypes were created to test user journey concepts and better understand user’s behaviour when interacting with the app. We were able to iterate on these early experiments, quickly cementing the user journeys that would define the design and development of the Vibe Tickets App as it stand today.

iOS and Android App Development

We developed an iOS and Android mobile application, based on the following functionality:

Degree 53 built a fully responsive website featuring:

  • User Registration - Vibe wanted a true sense of community in their product, so users are required to set up a basic identity before they begin. Recognising the need to optimise conversion, users are provided with social options as well as more traditional registration methods.
  • Search - The ability to find the ticket you are looking for (quickly) is the heart of this project and was achieved via a combination of fuzzy and keyword search logic. A number of Filters are available to users so that they can tailor the results they receive to be the most relevant.
  • Customised Alerts - Recognising that the ticket users are looking might not always be on sale, they are able to set up custom alerts via Push Notification to notify them the moment the right ticket is uploaded.
  • Ticket Form - A healthy supply of tickets is essential for the success of the application, so it was important that the upload process was simple, whilst providing potential buyers with the information they would need to make a sale.
  • Messaging - In this phase of the project, ticket sales would be agreed and completed between users, so a one-to-one instant messaging service was built, allowing users to communicate without leaving the platform.
  • Sharing - To help with the viral growth of the product, users are encouraged to share ticket and and check in to events via social networks.

Parse as a Backend

To deliver this functionality in a short timeframe, we opted to use Parse as a mobile backend-as-a-service (MBaaS). It provided us with a stable platform to write the server-side components of the app without the worries of managing server infrastructure or creating systems from scratch.

It allowed our developers to have a flexible approach to data modelling, meaning we could adapt the data structures as we went along. The service is also very scalable, so Vibe can continue to support its increasingly large user base into the future.

At its core, Parse allows Vibe to store and manage all data on users, venues, events and tickets whilst also enabling real-time communication between registered users. It also includes a mature analytics suite, enabling Vibe to gain insights into user behaviour, to further develop and enhance functionality in the future.

Vibe Tickets screenshots of the app

The Results

The Vibe Tickets app successfully launched on the Apple App and Google Play Store October/November, 2015. Within the first couple of weeks it has seen a successful uptake and we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Vibe Tickets.

The Testimonial

We are delighted with the work Degree 53 has done to produce a fun, innovative and easy to use app. Many fans across the UK are already enjoying its functionality and benefits.

Luke Massie
Managing Director
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