Our Process


Great Idea


Phase 1: Planning

Discover / Research / Observe / Gather / Understand / Analyse

Our team works together with client partners to research, gather info and input, analyse and compile documents to understand our client's requirements. This often includes detailed requirements gathering from across your business to ensure our proposed solutions meet your needs. We also like to thoroughly investigate your market and get a better understanding of what your competitors are doing. We then use this information to create a superior offering.

Phase 2: Design

User Stories / User Journeys / Business Processes / Wireframes / Test Scripts / Design Concepts

Here we prepare the basic plans for application and design development. We create wireframes, user stories and user journeys to inform conceptual layouts, low or high fidelity prototype development and visual design concepts. At this point, usability reviews and design iterations are well under way, coinciding with overall solution development and integration with third party and legacy systems. We also validate our conceptual approaches with your end users.

Phase 3: Development

Design Handover / Development / Communicate / Monitor / Visual Designs

In this phase development is well under way, ideally headed for an alpha stage release. Throughout this process we continue to ensure all user stories are being implemented as defined and any development issues are resolved. We will continue to coordinate and collate feedback on overall design concepts. Lastly, we ensure the original design concepts and the development evolve harmoniously.

Phase 4: Deployment

User & QA Testing / Verification / Design Quality / Approval

Finally we conduct extensive quality assurance and user testing to ensure the product is on spec and working as expected per the business and technical requirements. We'll also review and address any usability issues that may exist. This is where the initial phase would end and/or another development cycle would begin, depending on the size of the project.

Outstanding Product

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