We specialise in digital solutions for education providers to create accessible, engaging and user friendly platforms for learning through responsive websites and engaging mobile apps.

The way people access education is still predominantly traditional in most institutions, whether it’s supplied by schools or enterprises. However, we’re seeing a rise in education providers that are embracing technology to future-proof this sector. Both children and adults are now accustomed to using smart devices, including mobile phones, tablets and even wearable technology to obtain information. It makes sense for players in education to adopt new methods of delivering materials to schools, universities and businesses to accommodate different ways of modern learning.

E-learning Platforms

Going digital offers the ability to make education engaging and modern. It also allows people to access learning materials on a number of devices from any location anytime. We work with a number of clients on building mobile apps and websites that act as e-learning platforms. Whether your aim is to deliver education to students directly or to enterprises and their employees, we can create a flexible solution tailored to your needs.

Interactive Learning Guides

Online platforms create opportunities to address different needs of every learner. You can build a bright, engaging and interactive product to facilitate child development; provide insightful content and videos for young adults and students; or if you’re an enterprise, you can build an entire database for your employees to access various learning materials whenever it suits them.

Our experts can create flexible and scalable digital solutions that will be suitable to your objectives and learner preferences. We provide comprehensive content management systems (CMS) to manage and create learning materials on your website or mobile app, including uploading hefty files, images, videos and monitoring their use.

Our CMS platforms also enable you to offer multi-tiered access to the materials, especially if you provide services at different levels or prices. You’ll be able to determine your own ranges and who can see them. For example, you can create a selection of materials only available for beginners of a specific course, and grant them permission to access a higher level only after they meet your requirements.

Bespoke Style

Our team of designers deliver a great and engaging look and feel of your product. We create bespoke visuals and branding that is appropriate to the level of your target audience. If you already have an existing design, we can incorporate it in our solutions or help to improve it. We also create white label solutions for enterprises so they can apply their branding to the learning platform and customise it as required.

We have worked with GL Assessment to create an interactive mobile app for child assessment, Ready for School. Parents are encouraged to take a test with their children to determine their development level and readiness ahead of starting school. It’s an interactive mobile app that is easy to use by both parents and children.

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