Android App Developers

Our experienced team of Android app developers work out of our Manchester office on digital projects in multiple sectors. We’ve developed Android apps for gambling companies, retailers, finance and ticketing sites amongst others, and our clients are based all over the UK and overseas too.

Hot on the heels of iOS, Android was launched in 2008. The first commercially available mobile running Android was the HTC Dream. Since then, the operating system has been purchased by Google and has advanced significantly.

Android app development comes with a unique set of challenges that doesn’t affect iOS. While iOS is locked to Apple devices, the Android platform is used by hundreds upon hundreds of commercially available mobile handsets and tablets. These are created by different manufacturers and have widely varying hardware limitations and screen sizes. From the top of the range Samsungs to the budget handsets, developing Android apps often means developing applications that could be used on any number of different phones.

That, alongside a developing operating system, brings certain technical challenges. Keeping up to date with the developments and the hardware is one of the benefits that a team of experienced Android developers brings. As well as being up to speed with the very latest operating system and handset news, our team has had the opportunity the work on a multitude of apps. We use our experience to make sure every Android app we create meets business goals and holds the user at the centre of everything.

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