Bespoke .NET Development

We offer bespoke .NET development solutions tailored to the needs of your business. Quite often, companies use readily available technologies for a variety of tasks, such as content management or file storage. However, in some cases, there’s a need for bespoke software to be able to implement a specific business process that a standard, out-of-the-box solution isn’t able to perform. This is where we can help you.

Bespoke .NET Development

Our weapon of choice is .NET – a robust framework created by Microsoft with capabilities to develop software for multiple Windows platforms, including desktop, mobile and web. Its versatility allows us to design and implement complete solutions of any complexity while maintaining a low total cost of ownership.

We like it because it offers a wide range of included assemblies, development tools and access to many third-party libraries. .NET provides support for rapid development with extensive support from Microsoft.

Feed Integration

If your app or website needs to display or process any amounts of data, requiring integration with third-party suppliers, our services will help you achieve this. Digital products, such as sportsbooks, live scores or financial services apps and websites often need to consistently pull data from various feeds to provide the required content to the users. Integrating it all into one solid interface is crucial to be able to display it correctly without interruptions.

We have unparalleled experience in managing complex data feeds so you can reliably publish your content to the right user at the right time without compromising performance. We have helped build sporting results feeds, comparison websites and form engines displaying numerous data and processing it from third-party systems without interruptions.

We use industry standard technologies, including:

  • REST and Web Services using Microsoft's WCF technology
  • Queues with MSMQ, RabbitMQ etc
  • Distributed Caching, Redis
  • SQL Server, MySQL, NoSQL storage technologies

We have experience of many standard data formats, such as Xml and Json. We also integrate non-standard customised feeds from third party suppliers if required.

Feed Management System

We have created a Feed Management System (FMS) which allows us to easily pull in the data from multiple sources using many different technologies and provide it through an API optimised for frontend websites or applications. We have used this in multiple apps, bringing in sporting data for horse racing and football, rapidly changing betting price feeds and server monitoring application.

Our expert developers optimise the data to only provide what is needed to your front-end system. We make sure this process is secure and includes authentication for sensitive details. We also scalable systems to support high or low traffic accordingly. Combining this with intelligent caching profiles means we can increase the performance of your applications and improve your service.

Software Integration

Certain types of software are excellent at performing specific tasks that they were designed for, however, sometimes, they can experience challenges with interacting with other programmes directly. We use APIs (application programming interfaces) to integrate multiple systems and provide the desired service. Our expert software developers provide the right solution addressing your requirements by using the appropriate architecture, so all of your systems can communicate and run smoothly.


We also offer customised e-commerce solutions for the retail industry and can build website that suits your needs by using a flexible platform, uCommerce.

uCommerce integrates directly with content management systems, such as Umbraco. You can use uCommerce to manage your shop and website content as it comes with its own built-in inventory management system. If you already have your own ERP or PIM system, it can be easily integrated so you can keep your existing workflow.

MVC Solutions

MVC (model-view-controller) is a software architectural pattern for creating user interfaces, particularly for web applications. It offers an effective architecture and provides a highly customisable framework for creating GUIs (graphical user interfaces). We have vast experience across this functionality to rapidly develop bespoke development solutions.

REST Service

The REST service architecture offers a simple, flexible, powerful and widely supported framework for providing service interfaces for client applications. The simplicity of integration and lightweight protocols mean that it’s the first choice for web-based environments.

Cloud Computing

We can deliver software for our customers in a variety of different ways. When customers think of Cloud, they think of AWS or Azure – both of which we can utilise for our clients. But there is so much more to Cloud Computing. For example, there is Private Cloud for those that want a little more control and have the resources to manage it, or Serverless Architecture with no underlying server to maintain - just containers which can quickly, and flexibility adapt in an elastic fashion to demand and load. Degree 53 can work with you to build your solution in the way that can adapt and grow with your business.

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