We offer a range of branding services that can be tailored to our clients’ needs. Whether it’s creating a brand from scratch or evolving an existing one, we develop a great looking brand that truly resonates with our clients’ target audience.

Take a look at some of our projects involving branding: Medichecks,, Betfred Sportsbook, Ready For School.

Understanding the Brand

The best way to start a project is to ensure we have a full working knowledge of the product and business. We hold a workshop to fully understand the aspirations the client has for their brand. We carry out a set of exercises to identify the right direction for the design:

  • Brand values and statement
  • Audiences and personas
  • Competitors and brand positioning
  • Visual style
  • Tone of voice and communication channels

After this, we document our discussions with additional data to use as a reference point for all remaining steps to ensure we work cohesively.

Brand Assets


A brand is more than just a logo - it is a visual language that speaks directly to a customer. Our logopacks offer a complete solution to ensure that the brand logo is always optimised and easily recognisable. We provide logos and variants in multiple formats to ensure whatever the situation, our clients have appropriate logos ready to use.

All logopacks are supplied with the following:

  • RGB & CMYK versions to ensure the logo is optimised for both digital screens and for print.
  • Primary, alternative & small logo variants for best use of shape or space.
  • Full colour & whiteout versions to make sure the logo stands out against a variety of backgrounds.
  • PNG & EPS formats for everyday use and vector format for large scale printing.


A brand needs to be recognised every time the audience interacts with it and a strong typographic system will ensure this.

As part of our branding services, our Design Team can help choose a typographic system that can be easily implemented and appear consistently across print and digital mediums.

Colour Palette

Colour is important to ensure a product feels on brand and is recognised by the audience even in the absence of the logo. Our design team can help develop a colour palette for all UI elements that our client’s target audience will interact with.

Brand Guidelines

We create a brand guidelines document to ensure our client’s brand is protected and used consistently across all channels.

Degree 53 can help to design the following:

  • Tone of Voice - The way messages are communicated to an audience has a huge impact on their perception of the brand. This is becoming increasingly important with social media where brands engage with their audiences more than ever.
  • Social Media Assets
  • Advertising Examples & Templates
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