Copywriting & PR Services

We understand the power of great copy and its impact on your website’s search engine rankings.

We collaborate with Truth PR to create copy and apply the science behind SEO copywriting to your website content. Using the latest software enables us to harness appropriate keywords and link build in the right way to maximise your copy for search engines and increase website traffic. We’ll also measure and test your site’s ongoing content performance.

Truth PR is a Manchester PR agency offering public relations services, including content marketing, corporate communications, influencer outreach, SEO copywriting and media relations. Truth’s team of specialist public relations consultants create compelling brand stories that attract attention, influence audiences and deliver results.

Our SEO copy services

SEO Copywriting
  • Keyword research using SEO software
  • Copy mapping
  • Copywriting including long-form and short-form content
  • Measurement of copy performance including readability, originality and keywords
  • Coordination of required internal approvals and management of stakeholder input
  • Web upload via CMS
SEO Copy Maintenance
  • Monitoring of existing copy performance using SEO software
  • Checking search rankings
  • Identifying broken links
  • Local listings maintenance (e.g. Google Business)
  • Updating existing content
  • Repurposing wider marketing content for web
Multi-Channel Content Planning
  • Creative and strategic planning to develop a content calendar
  • Content and keyword research
  • Recommendation of topic content and angles
  • Copywriting of master content
  • Adaptation of content for application across different channels
  • Measurement of copy performance
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