UX & Design Services

User experience (UX) and design go hand in hand in creating intuitive, exciting and engaging digital solutions. Improving your products with a customer-centric approach can increase engagement and retention. There are so many competitive products that one of the ways of differentiating yourself is to provide a better and more intuitive UX. This will make interaction with your brand more enjoyable and memorable.

We provide UX and design services from start to finish, including developing a UX strategy, designing the user interface (UI) and providing complete branding for mobile apps and websites. We offer comprehensive user experience design services to create a complete user journey from scratch and advise how to provide the best customer experience.

Take a look at our Design Process to learn about our approach.

UX & Design Services

Understanding customers’ needs and guiding them to a relevant product or service is crucial for growing your business. UX and UI design helps to bring this process to life and offers users an engaging way of interacting with your brand, regardless of which device they use.

Product Research

When starting work on a project, we carry out product research to understand its objectives, how it should work, what the core audience is and how it appeals to them. This helps us to understand your target market and what your product can offer.


We offer competitor and data analysis to find out about other similar products and approaches in the market. It is important to create a unique experience to stand out from the competition. Our team of designers will provide some useful insight into differentiating your product.

The Testimonial

The team at Degree 53 really understood what we wanted to achieve and have designed something that will undoubtedly enhance the user experience. We’re very pleased with the end product, which has been timed perfectly for the start of the football season.

Lee Wild


UX Strategy

Based on our research and analysis, we identify the most appropriate user journey and build information architecture to make sure it provides a comprehensive experience for your customers. We then create storyboards and wireframes to visualise it and find out how to make the UX and UI simpler and clearer.


Once the UX is confirmed, we create a prototype – a simpler version of your product – to see how it works. We also involve real users to test it and provide feedback on its performance.

Our Product Design Sprints enable you to trial different solutions to your ideas or challenges, and get direct user feedback to find out what truly works and what can be improved. These sessions offer significant savings in time, resource and cost to determine the success of your product at early stages.

UI Design

To ensure the delivery of great UI design, our award-winning design team specialise in applying UI design principles and techniques to create exciting and intuitive websites, mobile and smartwatch apps, email campaigns and admin tools. Our team will produce visuals relevant to your brand to ensure the design facilitates the user journey while offering an engaging experience with your product.


Whether you need to create branding or change your existing materials, we’re here to help you produce something that represents your business and its values. We offer a complete concept, taking in everything from the logo, colour scheme and key visuals to brand guidelines, illustration and typography.

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