Design Process

Our design process is split into four stages: Prep, UX, Visuals and Delivery. Each stage involves a number of key tasks that result in the development of high quality, innovative products for our clients.

Prior to the Design phase, we carry out the Product Discovery phase with our clients to investigate and capture requirements to make sure we have a full understanding of the project.


The Prep stage readies our Design team for the rest of the project. This involves creating a sitemap to get a full bird’s eye view of the product, carrying out industry research, competitor analysis, data analysis and reading through all the project documentation. This is to ensure we have a full understanding of what we need to deliver to achieve the overall goals of our client and their customers.

UX & Visuals

Our UX and Visuals (UI) stages run through iterative cycles to allow our clients to review a range of visual designs closer to the start of the project, as well as seeing how a customer would navigate from A to B.

We always adopt a mobile-first approach where possible. Designing for mobile device screens first ensures that we optimise for how the majority of customers currently interact with digital products without having to make sacrifices to the user experience or feature scope.

Our approach to all design work is component based, allowing us to build and maintain designs at a granular level. Where changes to a component are required, they can be made once and rolled out across the entire design, allowing us to maintain and evolve design systems rapidly.

Using the documentation from the Prep stage, our Design team first breaks a product down into individual user journeys, e.g. placing a successful single bet from the home page or depositing.

Following this, we sketch out UI solutions and storyboard each of the journeys from start to finish, capturing all possible scenarios and edge cases which may occur throughout the journey. Then, we produce high fidelity wireframes of the journey to consider all possible UI options for each screen and to make sure each step is clear and easy to use.

Once the wireframes for a journey have been reviewed and approved by our clients, we produce final visual designs, adding the branding and aesthetics to the wireframes. All wireframes and designs are presented in flow diagrams and include annotated descriptions for each screen. This allows our clients to understand each user journey and all the different scenarios that may occur.

This process is repeated for each user journey until all wireframes and designs are created, reviewed and approved.


When the UX & UI designs are signed off by our client, we supply all designs to either our internal or the client’s development team to reference during the development stages.

Finally, our Design team carry out regular design reviews of the final build to make sure the product is pixel perfect and meets the expectations that are set out in the initial Discovery workshop.

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