iOS App Developers

Our iOS app developers have worked on a huge portfolio of iPhone, Apple Watch and iPad apps, ranging from m-commerce to gambling and a host of sectors in between.

It has been almost a decade now since the first iPhone was released in 2007 and that first device is probably unrecognisable to users of more recent iterations of the phone. Similarly, since the first iPad was released in 2010, this is another device that has changed significantly.

With new versions of the phones and tablets (with varying screen sizes!) being released constantly and a consistently updated operating system that affords developers new features, iOS apps are fast evolving. While not every single app can be the next Angry Birds or Tinder, the millions of applications on the Apple App Store offer users the opportunity to turn their phone into their bookkeeper, gaming device, health monitor, personal shopper and social media broadcast device.

iOS is a fully featured operating system that offers developers and businesses a wealth of opportunities to get their brands into the pockets of their target customers.

We take our apps through a thorough testing process to ensure they meet our client and Apple standards before launch.

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