Digital Marketing Services

At Degree 53, we get behind our clients all the way and we want you to succeed after we build your websites and apps. We can help you to promote your products to as many customers as possible.

In response to client queries, we have launched a range of digital marketing services designed to focus on reaching your target audiences and building engagement through multi-channel touchpoints.

We are here to help you make the most of our services. We’ll work with you to build a solid product marketing strategy to win new customers and increase your retention.

Here’s a quick rundown of the marketing services we provide:

  • PPC and paid ads
  • App store optimisation
  • Social media marketing
  • Conversion rate optimisation
  • Technical SEO
  • Content marketing
  • Full CRM services
  • Customer support

Mobile Marketing Fast-Start

We offer mobile marketing services to help you acquire and retain your customers. Our team can help you manage your marketing campaigns once your product is live to create continuous engagement with your customers and drive them to your services.

Content & SEO

It’s important to build your online presence and search engine rankings through good content. Search engines are always updating their rules for algorithms and it’s essential to stay on top of what works best for bagging those coveted first-page spots in the search engine results. Writing quality content that addresses what your target audience might be looking for will help you offer great information, as well as ranking higher than your competitors.

We write relevant on-page content thanks to our search engine optimisation (SEO) strategy. Our talented team of writers can help you optimise your existing copy and create new content from scratch. We make sure that your content provides lots of great information for your customers, as well as matching their queries for search engines.

We’ve also got you covered for the technical side of SEO! We review all aspects to ensure your website or app is fully optimised to boost your rankings, and offer the best customer experience. Whenever we create a product, we always keep the mobile-first strategy in mind. We’ll make sure your digital products are mobile-friendly and provide appropriate user experience.

Our SEO and content services include:

  • SEO health check (on-page and technical)
  • Content ideas and creation
  • SEO and content strategy
  • Technical SEO review and optimisation

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Pay-per-click (PPC) campaigns are very effective in drawing customers to your website or app, based on their search queries. However, they can be quite competitive in certain industries. Our experience with PPC and Google Ads allows us to create tailored paid adverts based on your objectives. Whether it is to increase the user base or promote brand awareness, we can create tailored ads to reach your customers. We can help you to promote your business with smart PPC campaigns, designed according to your budget.

App Store Optimisation

We provide support with app store optimisation (ASO) to help you drive users to your mobile apps and increase installs. We create targeted campaigns for different platforms (video, banners, rich media etc) that drive traffic to your products in Apple and Google app stores.

We also come up with descriptions, keywords, rankings, visuals and reviews that will help your apps stand out among others. We track their performance and optimise them further to get the best results.

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Social Media Campaigns

Social media plays a huge role in marketing, especially for B2C brands, where engagement drives awareness and increases popularity. Paid social ads can really help with this by reaching targeted audiences across platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and YouTube.

The advantage of our paid social media campaigns is that we can reach your target demographics through the user information they provide to advertisers. These audiences are very engaged and we can tailor your ads specifically to their interests, location, age, and other factors.

Conversion Rate Optimisation

While customer acquisition is highly competitive and requires different marketing tactics, it’s just as important to focus on retention to keep your customers engaged and build their brand loyalty. We can optimise your conversion by reviewing different elements of your product to create the most effective customer journey. We look at the following areas:

  • Wireframes - content, placement, features and user experience
  • Design - branding and functionality
  • Build - we can test your product, based on wireframing and designs

>We can review your products and how they present content to your customers, in order to find out how to best optimise them for maximum conversion.

We offer User Testing services for a more detailed overview of how your customers engage with your product and if there are any challenges in your customer journey or conversion.

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We provide media buying services across digital platforms. We can help you find the most relevant and effective ad placements to create brand awareness and engagement for your business.

Through our network of digital advertising channels, we can create dynamic and vibrant campaigns with banners, emails, social media, video and more.

Video On Demand

Our video on demand (VOD) service enables us to reach your target audiences while they watch YouTube or catch up TV. We provide digital ads that appear before or during the shows and are displayed to viewers, based on their interests, location, devices, and time of day.

We track the adverts and provide monthly reports to review the campaigns. It’s a highly engaged audience and these ad prices are very competitive, so you can expect great results, even on a budget. We advise using this as a brand awareness campaign to inform customers about your services.



If you need help with reaching out to your customers via email or SMS, we can create campaigns to grab their attention. We take care of all the segmentation and create tailored messages based on your customer types. Our team can put together the design and the email template, as well as sending everything out, so you can concentrate on running your business.

We work in line with the GDPR standards and make sure to keep all records confidential, as well as taking into account the preferences of your customers.

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