Mobile Marketng Fast-Start

Behind every successful mobile app, there’s a solid user journey and strategy. Customer loyalty is hard to maintain when it comes to mobile apps, and users can easily switch between different brands. App owners might even be competing for customer attention with businesses outside of their industry (e.g. notifications from Facebook, messages on WhatsApp and so on). It’s essential to have a comprehensive plan for customer conversion, retention and engagement to ensure they stick with you.

You can do this by planning ahead how you will engage with your customers throughout their life cycle within the app, such as notifications, messages and different prompts to drive them back to the app.

How can Mobile Marketing Fast-Start help you?

Our Mobile Marketing Fast-Start programme will help you come up with your customer engagement strategy at the beginning of your app’s development. This also includes any marketing activities that might need to be built into the app. You can utilise push notifications to let your customers know about promotions and updates to drive engagement and revenue. For example, you can keep in touch regularly to update about discounts, new products or services, driving them back to the app and encouraging to use it or spend more.

Our experts will be able to advise you on how to best utilise these features for effective customer retention and app monetisation. This can be very cost-efficient in the long run and will avoid having to rebuild the app if you decide to implement any notifications or messages at a later stage.

Our Mobile Marketing Fast-Start Programme includes:

  • Project workshop to review the business objectives of your app and tie them together with your marketing plan
  • Event/tag technical specification to support your mobile marketing
  • Full user-lifecycle mobile messaging strategy, defining core push campaigns and customer journeys around retention, engagement and monetisation
  • Review of audience segments
  • Message strategy implementation into the chosen MMA solution
  • Training on management and maintenance of your message strategy
  • 6-month review to measure strategy ROI and suggest improvements

Why use our Mobile Marketing Fast-Start?

  • Maximise the chance of users staying with your app in the first crucial post-install window
  • The uplift in retention saves money, as every user saved from churn effectively makes your CPA spend count rather than become wasted
  • Expert advice on campaign setup to ensure timely and moderate messaging
  • Users expect personalised service, and broadcast messaging is no longer accepted. Getting this right will improve app store ratings (crucial for new user acquisition), spend or usage increase, and ultimately, net revenue
  • We have years of experience setting up proven and innovative campaigns and journeys for our clients. New user, early life/nurturing, lapse prevention and reactivation are a must at the very least to increase your app’s chances of success in a very competitive market.
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