Product Design Sprints

What is a Product Design Sprint?

A Product Design Sprint is a one week process, pioneered by Google Ventures, to help answer critical business and user-centric questions. Whether you're creating a brand new product or improving an existing one, success is always the common goal for everyone involved and the Product Design Sprint can help you work towards this.

We have supported many of our customers through this process. They include leading brands, such as Sofology and Betfred to new start-ups. We've helped them to discuss their ideas and find the best solutions.

We use Product Design Sprints to help you validate assumptions, test new products and ideas in a fast and cost-effective way. This helps to shape new offerings, identify solutions to existing problems and ensure that your product is on the right path before making significant investments.

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The Process

The Product Design Sprint aims to help gain an understanding of what your product is (or should be), to brainstorm ideas and features, to decide on which of them to explore, and finally, to prototype and test these concepts with real users.

It allows learning about your idea, which would usually take months, in just a single week, ensuring that time and costs are used efficiently on a product that really works.

Day One

The Degree 53 team and client stakeholders work to gain a shared knowledge of the problem and business goals, review existing analytics and competitors and map out the primary user journey.

Day Two

Here, we focus on smaller aspects of the user journey and as a group, brainstorm ideas and concepts that solve the problem identified in Day One. This is a very engaging, satisfying (and sometimes tiring) day.

Day Three

With dozens of ideas and concepts about solving the key problems, we decide what elements of the product are to be carried forward and tested. When the decisions are made, the initial user journey is redrawn, including concepts and UI features identified on Day Two.

Day Four

The Degree 53 team create a prototype and a test script based on the user journey from Day Three. The prototype is typically in a wireframe format with little to no branding, as its purpose is to validate concepts and assumptions from earlier in the process.

Day Five

Real users are brought in and the entire group observes the tests taking place. This day is always informative and can be extremely insightful! This information can allow you to establish what success looks like for your business and your users, giving you the insight to answer critical business questions.

The Testimonial

By following this process, we will have saved a lot of time, money and resources by only working on the right things. Degree 53 did a fantastic job steering us through this process and I can’t wait for our customers to enjoy the end result.

Jonathan Cleaver


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