Strategy & Consultancy Services

Apart from providing build and design services, we also help our clients to define the strategy of their products and advise on best approaches to develop them. Every successful business and product has strong strategy behind it and we help come up with it by applying our extensive knowledge of and experience with the digital services.

Whether you’re looking for ideas, advice on product development or UX design, we’re here to help you. Our Product Design Sprints are also popular with our clients for trialling products and ideas before embarking on developing full-scale projects.

We’re also happy to share our knowledge if you already have an in-house team to build your product, but aren’t quite sure how to approach it.

Idea Generation

Whenever you come to us with an idea to find out how to take it further or find a solution to a problem, our experts will be glad to advise on the best ways of approaching that. We discuss your objectives and goals, as well as available assets to make everything happen. We identify any challenges you may have, analyse competitors and other businesses in a similar area or with a similar issue to discover what they’re doing to address that. The team researches your target audience, their needs and trends to identify key factors to achieve maximum engagement and customer retention.

Once we have this picture, we sit down for a structured brainstorming session, focusing on our findings to establish next steps. We examine each idea and consider how every approach would work in real situations. We then go through a refinement process and project discovery before putting together a proposal for the solution.

Great Idea
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Product Development

If you have an idea for a product but aren’t sure how to take it further, we offer our expertise to help you. Our team will provide the requirements and further actions for your project.

If you lack knowledge in any particular industry that we work with, we can also explain how different systems operate and how your product could be used in that sector. For example, you may need to integrate it with certain platforms, incorporate third-party systems and also establish architecture on which the product needs to be built. We can support you every step of the way.

UX Health Check

If you need help with defining or improving the user experience (UX) and design of your product, our team provide expertise on best practices and solutions. We review your existing digital offering and carry out user testing to receive customer feedback. We then compare it to the features of your product to find any discrepancies in UX and user expectations. Once we’ve identified them, we put together a report of findings and recommendations for next steps. Responsive Website works across desktop, mobile and tablet devices.
Betfred Sportsbook app displayed across 2 iphone devices

Product Design Sprints

If you’re after a comprehensive, in-depth analysis of your project or idea, we encourage you to take part in our Product Design Sprint. Pioneered by Google, this week-long workshop involves a detailed analysis of your business, project, target audience and the industry.

In our sessions, we deconstruct the challenges and apply different solutions for maximum result. Our team creates a prototype of the most preferred option and then tests it with real users to get their feedback and find out whether it works. It’s a very insightful and cost-effective process of trialling your project or idea before making large investments towards it.

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