Testing & QA Services

The way to ensure the technology is robust and built to a high standard is to test it by an experienced testing and QA team. Our range of testing services aims to ensure all products address our client’s requirements, as well as those of their users, and perform well in various scenarios.

Full-Cycle Testing

We offer full-cycle testing to ensure all components of our client’s products perform according to their requirements and user expectations. We provide functionality, UI and UX, database, security, platform, configuration, performance and stress testing solutions.

Automation Testing

For operators with high traffic systems that tend to launch numerous releases, we recommend automation testing. It reduces the amount of manual testing required, increasing the ability to work faster and at a lower cost. It also allows business owners to release new updates more frequently without interruption to the end user.

Automation testing is about improving the quality and speed to market. We provide API testing for systems and UI testing to check how it simulates actions on site. Leveraging cloud, we can test with lots of devices and operating systems without any manual tasks. We are able to test across websites and mobile apps. We use TeamCity for automated builds and deployments.

We use Behaviour Driven Development and Testing and Selenium Webdriver Framework along with the below tools stack to build customised and robust automation scripts for a continuous integration environment.

Functional & End-to-End Testing

  • SpecFlow (.NET)
  • Selenium Webdriver
  • Zalenium Grid for test execution in parallel
  • Browser stack for mobile and tablet test execution
  • Extent Reports (reporting engine)

Performance Testing

  • Jmeter
  • Zabbix (monitoring)

API Testing Tools

  • SOAPUI & Visual Studio

Code Coverage

  • SonarQube

Website and Mobile App Testing

Our test & QA team help us to ensure our products perform well across different devices. By testing these products, we ensure the following:

  • Reduce security risks
  • Improve performance and service availability
  • Test for multi-browser and device compatibility
  • Test third-party integrations
  • Ensure scalability
  • Allow to push live upgrades
  • Comply with industry or regulatory standards
  • Support data privacy
  • Allow for disaster recovery

Testing Consultancy

Our test and QA specialists offer their expertise to help our clients manage or enhance internal testing processes. We review project requirements and create testing scenarios around them, then provide our recommendations for improvement.

We carry out user testing workshops that help them to trial products at a prototype or pre-launch stage to find out how they work and if any iterations are required. We can also review compliance and security measures and test them to ensure our clients’ products meet any regulatory standards.

We can support our clients’ own testing teams (in-house or third-party) to help with test management and improve governance around it. We can help by creating test policies, strategy, planning, delivery and assessments to ensure all testing approaches support their products. We can also provide support for building test measurement frameworks to help with GO/NO GO decision of the release. These are derived from ISO 9001:2015.

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